028 PR Wins For Female Coaches

by | Feb 28, 2022 | Podcast

In this week’s episode I want to show you what PR looks like – without actually being able to show you what PR looks like!?!
We chat through the PR wins of 2 of our clients- both female coaches to other female entrepreneurs – to try and show you how varied PR can be, and how the same message can strike a chord with multiple media, enabling you to reach your audience via so many different press routes.
In doing so I hope to open your eyes to the vast opportunities that exist when you start to engage with the media and I also hope to excite you about what’s possible for you when you get PR ready!
From being featured in mainstream consumer womens’ media like Closer magazine, to being featured in powerhouse online publications like Medium.com the 2 women I celebrate and showcase in this episode are riding the wave of being press ready and experiencing so many business benefits from this.
Have a listen to find out what these are and see if you can imagine yourself also celebrating these wins. If not, why not? What do you need to do first? (Maybe go back a few episodes and have a listen at how to get Press ready! :)) 
If you’d like to follow the ladies I mention check out their links in the shownotes below and if you’d like to join in the PR Party I also invited you to you can do so below too. Have a fabulous week and please make sure you celebrate YOU within it!
Laura Rowe, Align Lifestyle
Laura will also be taking to the stage again this year at Bee Inspired March 2022 -but as a full blown speaker this time to share her story in a full talk – see here – https://www.iamthequeenbee.co.uk/beeinspired
Claire Sweet, Peace Together Money Coaching

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