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Marie Teevan

Dare To Be Seen Programme was one of the BEST business investments I have EVER made. Although I work with the best Coaches & Mentors out there, this Programme gave me the confidence & belief that I really had a story to share and I could help & support other women. The way this Programme teaches you to build your story is so powerful. Until I started this programme I thought I had nailed my story… I hadn’t even scratched the surface. If you had told me 6 months ago that I would get featured in Forbes I just couldn’t have believed it! The value you offer on Dare To Be Seen is just insane & the support during and after is incredible. Since completing the programme & getting this feature alone, I have been fully booked with clients every single month & other amazing opportunities have opened up for me to grow my business to an unbelievable level in 2020.

Victoria Lysaght

I kept seeing women getting PR and wondering how they achieved it. I wanted to learn how to get PR for my own business and make people aware of the work I was doing. I enjoyed watching Jo’s videos because she seemed very down to earth, approachable and knowledgable. I liked that she was a Northern lass! I think it’s a fantastic course and I haven’t seen anything similar. I was nervous of visibility and unsure of how to share my story in the right way. Coming away with a media bio that has been edited by Choc PR was hugely useful, also learning how to write a press release is invaluable for a small business wanting to get in the local press. I loved being put forward for PR opportunities as they came in from journalists.

I appeared in Metro News Strong Women campaign. I also loved that Jo and Jo were so supportive and encouraging, believing in your value and your story which gives you more confidence to put yourself out there. Knowing I have the tools required to promote my business using a pro-active approach. I’d really like to get some coverage that mentions my actual business too rather than just my personal story so I might plan that around International Women’s Day.

I would definitely recommend Dare To Be Seen to female business owners. It’s an empowering course that provides you with the knowledge, tools and contacts to manage your own PR now and in the future. The Choc PR believe in your story, nurture and encourage you and give you the confidence to shine.

Wonderful Me Workshops
Victoria Lofthouse

When I came to the programme my confidence for various reasons was at rock bottom and I was doing everything I could to avoid being visible – that has all changed now! I signed up following meeting Jo and discovering the importance of PR in another group. I have always hidden away behind my logo and brand and it was time to uplevel and get visible in my business. I just loved Jo’s energy and knew after my first call that she was the right person to help me shine a light on my story and my business. I loved the support from other members, and both Jo’s. I loved the guests in the group, it was really helpful to identify those areas of why I was hiding. The depth of content was excellent and the learning objectives really clear. I have now been published in national media and it feels amazing – this has also given me the confidence to really show up in my business and push forward with new services and charging my worth – I am now excited about getting even more visible – people will be sick of the sight of me lol

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