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How To Present Your Story to the Press

'Tell it all....don't be shy'


Once you’ve worked through our FREE ‘What’s Your Story’ guide now’s the time to DO SOMETHING with this info. Our next step with clients is to incorporate your answers into a professional Media Bio, so you end up with an epic document that shouts loudly about your awesomeness, across all areas of your life.

This gets you media ready. It gets all your messages in one place. It documents who you are with your business and personal stories. It’s perfect journo fodder…..and remember carefully crafting your messaging puts you more in control of other peoples’ views and opinions of you – rather than leaving them to their own devices. It will help across soooo many areas of your business.


The media love our Media Bios because:- 

  • It hands them your story on a plate, without the need for them to interview you
  • It clearly defines your areas of expertise, helping them see what areas you could comment on
  • In a glance it proves to them why you can be a trusted source, saving them researching you
  • It’s written in a way that they can simply lift elements out and place directly into their articles because it’s written like journalists write









It’s for you if you…


  Want to Nail Your Story in a press friendly way

  Want to increase your chances of getting into the Press with a tried and tested method

 You want to talk about yourself in a way that relates to your Brand

 You appreciate the value of featuring in the press but have no idea where to start

  It’s time to get more visible and you want to approach this mission in a professional way!


To get you off the ground get your hands on a real Media Bio example from one of our clients so you have a template to work from…it makes life sooooo much easier! Our Media Bios are between 4 and 6 A4 pages long and work to a tried and tested structure which journos love. Simply request to see one of our ‘real life’ examples and it will wing it’s way over to you. You’re welcome x

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Send help…..

If you think this looks a little bit too much like hard work, or are simply just not a writer – let us do it for you! We offer a professional Media Bio creation service for just £497 + VAT

What does this include?

We take your answers, and dig a little deeper. With our journo heads on we go over the questions with you, on a 121 zoom call and we dig out more details, we drag out of you key info you have not noted down and we make you realise you have soooo many more media hooks than you ever imagined.

We then pull this together in our tried and tested format, written in our journo friendly way and wham bam you have an incredible Media Bio to be proud of!

Email if you’d like to get booked in for one x