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Our Much Loved Action- Taking PR Programme That Get You Published in 8 weeks!

Welcome to ‘Dare to be Seen!’

A UNIQUE PR Programme for female coaches, advisors or consultants that offers so much more than just press coverage. It’s your SUPERCHARGED, 8 week hand-held path to being featured in national media, run by global experts committed to getting you COMFORTABLE being VISIBLE and EXCITED by the opportunities this can bring!

It’s a tried and tested process of getting you press ready, confident and consistent – even if you are a total PR newbie and are also new in business. Created from the exact process we use on our clients, we empower you with our knowledge and experience over the last 15 years – simplifying it in step by step process.


How would you feel reaching millions with your message through media coverage you never imagined was possible for you?


Fancy some epic trust tags for your website – ‘As Seen In’.. to help build credibility in the eyes of your audience?


How valuable to your business would it be to have that external validation?


How valuable to YOU and your confidence would it be to have that external validation? Confident, empowered women can achieve incredible things!


This last year has been crazy, but it’s time to take control! Allow yourself to now move your business forward so it can be seen and you can shine.


It’s there for you… and you DESERVE it.

Dare to Be Seen Graduates have:

Launched new businesses and programmes with confidence with ‘As Seen in’ media trust tags already in place

Mastered their message to create powerful Media Bios, which have been described as ‘Pure Gold!’ for all marketing

Overcome HUGE visibility fears and stepped into their power

Featured in Forbes and sold out programmes

Developed by Jo Swann, Chocolate PR Founder, who herself has suffered from visibility fears and the dreaded Imposter Syndrome, supported by world-renowned coaches in self-worth, visibility and personal branding, this programme is like NO OTHER!

Created ESPECIALLY for you if you suffer from fears of being visible and are nervous about putting yourself out there, Dare to Be Seen blends PR Foundations and teachings with support to help you face those visibility fears, helping you get press ready from both a marketing, and mindset stance. 

In just 8 weeks bin your fears, doubts and worries and get set for sharing your press coverage with your audience!

It’s for you if…

 You’re a ‘secretly shrinking violet’ who seems so confident to others but is nervous about ‘getting out there’

You know you have so much knowledge to share but constantly compare yourself to other ‘more successful’ peers

 You need to become recognised as an expert in your field but feel uncomfortable taking this title

 You tell yourself no-one will be interested in your boring story

 You have a goal to make more impact this year

 You know your experiences can help others but don’t know how to reach more people


  PR is alien to you, and you have told yourself that you’re not ready

 You’re getting in your own way stunting your business growth and you’re sick of it!

It’s ALSO for you if…


 You have a basic PR knowledge but want support now in putting it into practice

 You’ve dabbled in PR before but would like to build upon your profile

 You’ve developed your story but would love help honing it to be a perfect media bio

 You have bigger PR goals to still reach!


(*You need the VIP option)


Hear from Jo why this programme is so EPIC!

What will you learn?

Techniques to help you feel excited and confident about being more visible

How to stand out with your unique, ‘brand you’ messaging

How to create media-ready content and write it right to create PR opportunities

How to get journalists excited about your content to generate media trust tags

 The MAJORITY of us get in our own way.

98% of female entrepreneurs we’ve worked with have suffered imposter syndrome.

100% of our clients feel empowered by their PR coverage & experience increased confidence

What Dare to Be Seen graduates say…?

Victoria Lysaght

I kept seeing women getting PR and wondering how they achieved it. I wanted to learn how to get PR for my own business and make people aware of the work I was doing. I enjoyed watching Jo’s videos because she seemed very down to earth, approachable and knowledgable. I liked that she was a Northern lass! I think it’s a fantastic course and I haven’t seen anything similar. I was nervous of visibility and unsure of how to share my story in the right way. Coming away with a media bio that has been edited by Choc PR was hugely useful, also learning how to write a press release is invaluable for a small business wanting to get in the local press. I loved being put forward for PR opportunities as they came in from journalists.

I appeared in Metro News Strong Women campaign. I also loved that Jo and Jo were so supportive and encouraging, believing in your value and your story which gives you more confidence to put yourself out there. Knowing I have the tools required to promote my business using a pro-active approach. I’d really like to get some coverage that mentions my actual business too rather than just my personal story so I might plan that around International Women’s Day.

I would definitely recommend Dare To Be Seen to female business owners. It’s an empowering course that provides you with the knowledge, tools and contacts to manage your own PR now and in the future. The Choc PR believe in your story, nurture and encourage you and give you the confidence to shine.

Victoria Lysaght
Wonderful Me Workshops
Victoria Lofthouse

When I came to the programme my confidence for various reasons was at rock bottom and I was doing everything I could to avoid being visible – that has all changed now! I signed up following meeting Jo and discovering the importance of PR in another group. I have always hidden away behind my logo and brand and it was time to uplevel and get visible in my business. I just loved Jo’s energy and knew after my first call that she was the right person to help me shine a light on my story and my business. I loved the support from other members, and both Jo’s. I loved the guests in the group, it was really helpful to identify those areas of why I was hiding. The depth of content was excellent and the learning objectives really clear. I have now been published in national media and it feels amazing – this has also given me the confidence to really show up in my business and push forward with new services and charging my worth – I am now excited about getting even more visible – people will be sick of the sight of me lol

Victoria Lofthouse
No Drama Delegation
Tabassum Sabir
I signed up for the Dare To Be Seen Programme because I wanted to overcome imposter syndrome –  I was a shrinking violet.
I was absolutely blown away with the value and the fact you helped us with our media bios weeks after the course was complete and I still ask you for advice!
I’m going to get myself into the media and share my business with as many people as possible
Thank you so much, Love you ladies
Tabassum Sabir
BeYouTiful Coaching
Belynder Walia

It has been a pleasure working with Chocolate PR. They have generated some great leads to help me get into the public eye. The ‘Dare to be seen’ course is definitely worth it. It helps one overcome ‘imposter syndrome’. It is an excellent way to get to learn about the PR world. I feel more confident to introduce myself as the founder of Serene Lifestyles my company to the world of social media. They are a very professional team to work with and continue to assist in guiding a person to successfully fulfil their dreams. Thank you lovely ladies for all that you do. Thanks so much, xx

Belynder Walia
Serene Lifestyles
Ally Davis

Jo and the team at chocolate PR helped me get visible and seen. Without their direction and guidance, I would never have written my press release or been featured in articles. The whole process was supported and they hold your hand through the whole journey to ensure you become ready to be seen. I can’t thank them enough for helping me get visible and for all their support. Thanks so much.

Ally Davis

Jenna Rigby, GlamFIT Studios

This is a KICK ASS programme that’s SO well loved..and we’ve made it EVEN BETTER this time too!

Secure your place NOW!

There’s a way to get involved, whatever your budget!

So it sounds incredible and worth thousands….


  Weekly Media Opportunities provided – worth over £1.5K! 
Guest Expert Masterclasses worth over £2K 
 Templates & Guides worth over £500 
 The PR coaching alone is worth over £6K 
 Media Bio worth £500 
Media list worth £350 
 AND you get GUARANTEED press coverage  

DIY Package includes…

An online learning platform with lifetime acesss, packed with everything you need to get PR Ready. This houses the training content for the full Dare to Be Seen PR Accelerator but is a self study option (ie you don’t get the live calls and feedback) 

PR Power Pack Templates & Resources Including:-

  • Media bio template and video guide
  • Press release template and video guide
  • A blog template for guest expert editorial
  • Email templates for pitching to journalists 

A detailed  media list of national journalists across print, online, radio & TV who feature entrepreneurial stories, with full email, phone and social media contact details

Support can be gained via our free Facebook group, PR You Can Do It or you can upgrade to add on PR Power Hours if you need extra help.

*WORTH OVER £800 + VAT – SAVE over  £400*

8 Week Supported Group Programme includes…

We handhold you from being a PR novice to getting published within 8 weeks! (Often sooner!) We are here to support, coach and guide you every step of the way!

8 weeks of PR Group Coaching Support –  Dedicated Dare to Be SeenFacebook community support with like-minded ambitious women

8 modules of online training  INCLUDING global guest experts  masterclasses

Access to weekly live online Q&As and hot-seating (which as well as feedback on your PR content also includes mindset coaching and support overcoming limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome) (Join us anytime between Thursday 12 pm-1 pm or attend the whole session)

Weekly support and feedback on your PR content and questions, within the group (team daily check-in)

1 x Professionally Written Media Bio – drafted FOR YOU by Choc PR team = TOTAL GOLD and RRP £497+VAT (We found this was where people got stuck so we’re going to do it for you!)

PR resources and crib sheets including a media bio guide, press release templates; example guest expert blog content; podcast pitch sheets, example pitch emails

A Zoom audience with a national journalist you can pitch your unique content to (dont worry we will have prepared some fabulous headlines and feature ideas together with you so you are ready to pitch to them!) 

Advice on specific media to target for your individual subject area and a media list of journalists who feature entrepreneurial stories, with full contact details provided

Live media opportunities presented to you in the group each week (including access to opportunities usually reserved for our 121 clients)

Module 1– Getting Press Ready! Getting under the skin of PR and laying your PR Foundations and Roadmap. Wha is PR? The difference between PR & Advertising

Module 2  The Power of Your Story -and The Media Bio +

ANDREA CALLANAN  – Goodbye visibility fears  -time to stand in your power!

Module 3– Writing Your Media Bio +


Module 4  – Writing your Media Bio Cont… & Identifying your Feature Ideas and Headlines and pitch tips

Module  5 –  Writing your Guest Expert Content and pitch tips

Module 6  – Writing Your Press Release and how to pitch this

Module 7 – – Pitching your Content to the Media – How? What works and what doesnt? Live feedback from a national journo – Group PR Power Zoom Session

Module 8 – Your PR Targets for the next quarter – what next? What are your ongoing opportunities?


aVIP Programme includes…

Everything included in the Supported Group Programme – but with VIP SUPPORT To SUPERCHARGE YOU!:

A 121 PR Goal Setting Call at the Outset of the Programme to help you set media target goals and provide direction of your key areas of focus from day 1

A 121 call to support your media bio creation (to ensure you are not missing any essential PR hooks out) Remember we also write it for you too

A 121 call for prepare what content you will create, for what media

121 editing of your pitch content for pre-and post event pitching, ensuring you have media articles ready to go

Additional media opportunities offered which require us to be your PR Manager/Media Officer. We do the pitching for you!

Access to a 30-minute limiting beliefs coaching call  – which you can call in whenever you feel you need it


  (excluding DIY package)

1 hour Closed Mouths Dont Get FedRocket up your backside from the Queen Bee herself covering the power of telling your story and your ripple effect, with advice on your guest speaking power topics (Value £250)

 Anna Parker Naples Podcasting Queen Masterclass – How to pitch and be a great podcast guest (Value £250)

For VIPs only

All other Bonuses PLUS:-

FREE online lifetime access ticket to BEE Inspired or a 1 day in-person ticket to  (Value £117 but MEGA LIFECHANGING)- The energy in that room is electric! (Personal and business development event that runs twice a year)

More to be revealed! …

What are we here to achieve? We are here to make you feel:

That you can finally tell imposter syndrome where to go having conquered your visibility fears

Confident and congruent with your unique values based brand messaging that really reflects YOU

That the world is your oyster, full of PR opportunities for you, whether you’re pre-launch, new to business or have been around a while!

Press coverage and coveted media trust tags are WELL within reach

Growing your audience by THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS is totally doable

Excited for a faster path to 2020/21  business GROWTH

Proud that you ARE an expert

Proud that your story or knowledge IS inspiring for others

Empowered that PR isn’t about ego it’s about IMPACT

A new found confidence in marketing your business

A belief that you DESERVE to be up there being recognized


We want to be very clear at the outset on what we’re bringing to the party as part of our commitment to you, so here’s an outline of what we cover during our time together.

Here’s a taster of the content we’ll cover but there are more surprises too!

You learn soooo much more than how to write a press release!!

Chocolate PR Team – What is PR? Positioning Your Story & Your  Media Bio

We help you get to grips with what PR actually is and how you can use it in your business, then move on to help you to start getting your story down on paper, in a media-friendly format that’s worked for our clients time and time again. We teach you how to write a strong Media Bio, using proven templates and showcasing best practice examples as your guide.

Andrea Callanan – Finding Your Voice: 

How to quieten the chimp on your shoulder and empower the champion within. We start at the very beginning and cut the crap to help rid you of those shady limiting beliefs and stick 2 fingers up at Imposter Syndrome that’s held you back for so long. It’s time to get proud, to fully support your passion and purpose with a positivity that will help your businesses grow. Andrea will share insights and tools and techniques to helps us shake off negative thoughts about not being good enough to retrain our brains to believe in our expertise and to embrace sharing our story to increase our impact. It’s all about self-worth….and how to get some more!


Chocolate PR Team – Your PR Content – the press release or guest blog

As we progress through the programme we look at building on your bio and finding a timely PR news hook, and our focus is on teaching you best practice tips on writing a press release or guest blog piece to position your story in a format expected by the media. We also look at how to pitch this story to the press to make sure you hit the mark.

**VIP BONUS** – Hand over your PR content to our expert team, who will offer edit suggestions on your final submissions. INVALUABLE

Chocolate PR Team – Finding Your Media:

Now it’s time to help you find the perfect media contacts – this makes the whole experience more enjoyable, less stressful and more rewarding! We help you get to grips with the best ways to do media research and also hand over some of our best media contacts.

 Hand over your PR wish list to our expert team, who will provide you with a full list of media contacts for your targeted pitches. INVALUABLE

Chocolate PR Team & Journalist Guest Expert – Pitching to the Press:

So, you’ve come this far! You’ve nailed your PR angles and hooks got your media list ready and understand what your target journalists or podcast hosts are looking for. Now hear from a journo’s mouth what they are looking for and for those in the group we’ll practice your pitch so you’re nailing a quick intro that they’ll be happy to listen to.

Jo Maloney, Chocolate PR Team, Mindset for Success

Throughout the programme Jo will be on hand to keep encouraging. you to break through any limiting beliefs and to let you know we have got you!

This programme is killer in terms of what it can do for you – not just what it can do for your business.

We’re excited!!  


* For ALL except the DIY PR option access to weekly coaching is included through a live Q&A session *

Sounds AWESOME Right?

It’s for you, if:

You worry people won’t be interested in what you have to say

You’re determined this is the year you step up next level

You’re fed up of watching others become globally recognised through the media

You’re ready to command more for your expertise 

You want the national media trust tags that your peers/mentors have on their profiles 

You want to be recognised as an expert

You fear visibility stuck in the comparison trap

You want to see that PR CAN be for you, not just the 6 or 7 figure entrepreneurs

You’re ready to take action 

You’d like to be held accountable to ensure you maximise this opportunity 

It's time you were in media such as...

More converts of using Chocolate PR to Skyrocket your business

Caroline has seen first hand the value of raising her profile and the benefits it has brought to her business.
Being in the national press has not only brought me, new clients, thanks to reaching out to wider audiences than my own network, but it has provided me with credibility to position myself as an expert from day 1 -and it’s led to me winning national awards just months after launching! I’m a BIG fan!!
Caroline Strawson

Certified High Performance Coach and RTT Practitioner

Vanessa is a sufferer of Imposter Syndrome. She didn’t think the press would be interested in her, yet she’s featured in all her key trade press, is now a recognised influencer, has sold out 2 industry events and is a best-selling author. High Five Vanessa.
Being in the media has without a doubt supported our booming growth this last year, Being quoted in trade media has helped me sell my courses, sell out my event and start to be recognised as an industry leader – all things I doubted where ever possible 12 months ago!
Vanessa Dooley

Founder of Jigsaw Early Years Consultancy

Abigail shares her experience on how PR has transformed her business…
I was sooooo nervous about PR 2 years ago. I feared judgement, I feared negative publicity, I feared being seen for my success. Now I use PR as a regular tool within my business to showcase my results for clients, to share my expertise and to have a voice as a female entrepreneur inspiring other women globally. Once I realised it wasn’t all about me and PR was not an ‘ego thing’ -it’s about supporting others through sharing your knowledge and story, everything changed.
Abigail Horne

Owner & Founder of Authors & Co.

This is a KICK ASS PR programme that’s SO well loved. Don’t miss out!

Secure your place for March 2021 NOW!

All of this is worth OVER £10K!