Welcome to the PR Party!
You’re invited! 

Have you heard? We’re having a celebration! A celebration of YOU! 

One Week. Daily Live Media Opportunities available to you for FREE.
3 days of FREE training on how to get started with PR. PR stories shared.
PR inspiration by the bucket load. PR Knowledge on tap…!

Join us to find out how female coaches like you get national press coverage for free – Join us to celebrate you!

Too often women in business play small. They are too modest. They hide their talents, knowledge and experience for fear of being seen to be bragging if they showcase them, or because their own voice is telling them they are not good enough. No more! It’s time to celebrate your fabulousness and to inspire you with the fabulousness of others who are walking the walk. I’m determined to help more female entrepreneurs become recognised for the incredible work they do – so they can further increase their impact and super powerful ripple effect.
Sharing knowledge and stories improves lives – in fact, it can save lives. It’s time to do your bit and get your message out on a MUCH wider scale!
Myself and my team will be with you all week 28th Feb – 4th March
to take you behind the scenes of PR – to celebrate the power of PR, and to help you take your first steps to celebrating you!
If you’re new to PR this is a fabulous way to introduce yourself to it, become friends with it, and see how it can rock your business!

If you dive in, by the end of the week you will have:

Gained clarity on what PR opportunities look like and how you can be ready for them

Learnt that PR is not black magic, not just for ‘big businesses’ or other ‘more successful coaches’ – it’s within reach for YOU today!

Pitched for live national media opportunities

Showcased and celebrated your awesomeness to 1K+ others

Outlined a PR piece you could pitch to the press

Had PR professionals eyes on your content and gained clarity around your mission message 

We know there are serious messages to communicate, but we want to also make the process fun, and remove some of the anxiety and fear that sits around getting visible. We’ve got you and what you can achieve in a week is quite mindblowing!

Dip in and out as much as you like – but register here to get the daily updates and recordings.

We’d love to see you there xxx

I have been putting myself forward to get out there and share my message…I just secured my first guest spot on a podcast. This scares the heck out of me, but 5,4,3,2,1 Done.

You’ve really helped me communicate who I am, what I stand for and what I do. I’ve pitched myself to 3 people today and bagged some podcasts 🙂 On to writing now and then I’ll be pitching more over the weekend


Thank you xxx
Tammy Green

Shut the front door. Jo since doing your free Facebook challenge, aside from applying your advice and getting a feature in my local paper, Sky TV have called today to do a live feature!! …and then came Channel 5! I feel that I can achieve other things just by stepping out of that self-doubt. Just trusting the process that you taught. I’m glad I did your challenge. Your advice and encouragement and transparency, oh my gosh. Anyone sitting on the shelf re working with you is missing out.


Thank you xxx
Donna Powell

“I got featured in a TV interview. It was on telecast on Sky TV on Saturday. I teach Indian languages to kids and adults and only started my business last year in summer. I am super chuffed about this PR win and I hope I will be in the running for these prizes.”


Thank you xxx
Bhavna Dhutia