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Chocolate PR is an agency passionate about raising the bar and giving the industry a better name. Founded by Jo Swann in 2004 and still managed by her today, Chocolate PR is driven by passion for helping businesses benefit from the power of PR, with a specialism for working with growth businesses and ambitious entrepreneurs. Whether you’re a growing company in Yorkshire or a female entrepreneur in London, we can offer you all-round support so you benefit from our 20 years experience in the PR industry.

“We’ve been delivering award winning results for nearly 20 years working with some of the most innovative companies in the UK.”

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The Power of Becoming a Bestselling Author

Writing a book or being part of a collaborative book is a process like no other. It's a chance to spread your message, share your passions, and leave a behind legacy, imparting your wisdom and voice. To win in your field of business, you need to create a following of...

Our Q1 Impact: Hitting the headlines & reaching millions!

So Q1 is done! What have you been up to? THIS is what we’ve achieved for our clients: Over 150 PR hits! Advertising value over £1million. Reached an audience of over half a billion. HELL YES - what a cracking start to 2019! Many of these are new clients, many are...

Vulnerability and Visibility – Let’s face it!

I read a FB post last week that I had to share because it resonated with me and I know it will resonate with so many of our clients. It was from Brave Girls Business Club talking about how visibility for many spells VULNERABILITY - as we struggle with the release of...

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  • We’ve loved sharing our clients inspiring stories for #mentalhealthawareness week- using PR to showcase their strength and to share their stories of overcoming challenges.

@lisajohnsoncoaching mention in The Evening Standard showcased her commitment to re-writing her story- something symbolized by her semi colon tattoo. Lisa has overcome personal challenges and created her dream life through mastering passive income revenue streams- and is an inspiration and motivation to many others keen to do the same. ⠀

This was a fun piece looking at what her tattoo symbolizes but a really strong message was conveyed about the power of being the author of your own life. 🙌👌🏻

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  • #Repost @emmajstirk with @get_repost
Never judge a book by its cover... How often do you ‘assume’ you know how someone is feeling?

You can’t tell just by looking what someone is going through or what they have been through...💔 Some of you will be aware of my personal challenges, others will probably have no idea as it’s a subject I have difficulty talking about and I still struggle massively with my own vulnerability and visibility... That’s why I’m incredibly grateful to the @telegraph for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this powerful video to increase mental health awareness. 
It wasn’t easy to do but I’m really proud I faced my own fears and I really hope it encourages more people to open up and to reach out to others who may need to know that they are not alone and that there is a way through whatever they are facing.

If you’re someone that is finding things hard right now please know that you don’t have to do it alone. 
Although you might not be able to see the light right now, please know that it is there and you just have to focus on taking one small step forward each day.

You can make it and you will make it but please don’t feel you have to do it alone. 
Reach out and find someone to take those steps with you - a little support can make all the difference 💕

#mentalhealthawarenessweek #depressionsupport #anxietyfighter #youareenough #youmatter #depressionwearslippy #faceyourfear #courage #strongwomen
  • #mentalhealthawareness....Why do people choose to share their immensely personal stories as part of this? Is it detrimental to business? Here’s my view....
#womeninspiringwomen #femaleempowerment #femalefounders #itsgoodtotalk #beproudofwhoyouare #reallife
  • We talk a lot about hooking onto ‘diary dates’ to gain PR. Often this can be seen as a stunt (although it does work!!)- however when it comes to Mental Health Awareness Days these stories couldn’t be more heartfelt.

We’ve had quite a few clients stories told this week and will share them with you. This one is from @girlaboutyorkshire founder of @girlaboutblogsquad About. In this piece she reveals some shocking info that feeds into her ongoing battles with depression and anxiety- she does bare all... it’s very personal- so why was this a great move for her? ⠀

Anyone who has suffered mental health challenges knows how isolating it can be. This topic more than any other gets people to be raw and honest in a bid to reach others suffering. Lyndsey is passionate about inspiring others (something she does through her blog) and being a champion for talking about mental health so this piece is something she can be proud of.

Pride... having been through all these struggles there were many times Lyndsey didn’t love herself. Having pride in being brave to bare all for the sake of helping others is a way of making some good out of the bad and being brave enough is something she should be very proud of.

Connection... Lyndsey is the founder of an amazing online platform that supports and uplifts other women. Her business is expanding and she’s looking for other writers. She’s looking to grow her audience to also impact more women nationwide - in sharing her story and her very real ‘her’ Lyndsey will attract other women who connect with her- finding her tribe

Promo.... her blog has just re-launched and is about to kick off a huge charity campaign. Building her audience right now is key and the name check AND direct link in this piece will drive traffic 🙌🙌 ⠀

So would you agree this all makes sense for her?... #prwithapurpose #daretobeseen. Lyndsey stepped well out of her comfort zone to prove she #daretobeseen and I’d love it if we could all join together to support her.
  • #Repost @girltribegang ・・・
Conquering imposter syndrome using the power of PR is the focus of our POWER 💥HOUR at our next #ilkley Tribe meet up @banyanilkley on 20th May, from one of our founding members @jochocpr. 
Award-winning PR expert Jo Swann is passionate about the power of PR and has seen the impact good PR can have on helping your business to grow in her experience of working with hundreds of female entrepreneurs. 
In this session we're NOT talking how to write a press release, we're talking much deeper about harnessing the power of PR, and embracing it as a business tool to conquer imposter syndrome.

We’ll be tackling questions like;

1. Why Me? I'm no expert....Tackling Imposter Syndrome
2. What is PR?  How will it help me feel proud?
3. What does PR look like and where can I find opportunities?

From this interactive session you’ll leave with practical tools you can use to tell the world about you and your business. All followed by our relaxed signature networking (there are cocktails a plenty to choose from @banyanilkley). Come & walk on the wild side with us and get #fiercelybrave - hosted by @primodistribution. Head to our website to book your guest ticket.
  • So today I’ve declared it F**k It! Friday in my Facebook group as I begin my mission to stop giving as much thought to the fears that block me from growing my business and I’m delighted that so many of you have joined me! ⠀

Lots of 'grab it by the balls' female entrepreneurs are in my network and being surrounded by them daily is seriously motivating! Thank you to you all 🙌💗

I’ve invited them, and I invite you, to join me as I challenge myself to worry less about what others think, and just frickin go for it in terms of creating the business growth and visibility I want. I want to reach thousands more women in business who I know I can empower through PR -and I know I'm good enough to speak on a global stage sharing my knowledge - there I said it! 💥…So it's time to stop fannying around and to get on with taking things to the next level - to quit with the nonsense that comes with Imposter Syndrome and grab life, and my business by the horns....
⠀  F**k It Friday! Is a new feature in my group PR 'You Can Do it!' - Empowering Female Entrepreneurs ( where each week we do something that shows we #daretobeseen. I say we, as I'm in it with you - time to start taking my own advice!

I’m here to help you get more visible, as together we embrace the fears and do it anyway! It's all happening over in my Facebook Group- we’ve just started our first challenge - and it’s flying 🙌. If 2019 is to be your year make sure you're in there and let's do this! ⠀

#daretobeseen2019 #pryoucandoit #impostersyndrome #visibility #strongwomen #bossingit #strongwomen #femaleentrepreneur #womeninbiz #successfullwomen #inspirationalwomen  #femalefounders #entrepreneursofinstagram  #womensvoice #beheard #uplevelyourlife #pr #vulnerability #uplevelyourlife

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Ever battled #impostersyndrome? P'd off that it has got in your way. Hear from Emma on how sharing her story in the national press has empowered her. Join us Friday at #PR #strongwomen

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