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Chocolate PR is an agency passionate about raising the bar and giving the industry a better name. Founded by Jo Swann in 2004 and still managed by her today, Chocolate PR is driven by passion for helping businesses benefit from the power of PR, with a specialism for working with growth businesses and ambitious entrepreneurs. Whether you’re a growing company in Yorkshire or a female entrepreneur in London, we can offer you all-round support so you benefit from our 20 years experience in the PR industry.
“We’ve been delivering award winning results for nearly 20 years working with some of the most innovative companies in the UK.”

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Brandology Workshop: Your Brand & PR Masterclass – LEEDS

A time to refresh your brand and nail your messaging We are excited to be partnering on this workshop in January that will give small business owners and entrepreneurs a chance to take stock before the year kicks off to ensure they have all their ducks in...

NEW: The PR Accelerator – for Jan 2019

Your fast-track pass to publicity, positioning and PR success - An exclusive 8 week programme to get you in the press in Q1 Welcome! Is one of your goals for 2019 to get in the press? Would you like to have achieved this by the time Q1 is done? If so it’s time to jump...

6 Steps to the Press Saying “YES!” – FREE PR WEBINAR

Join us on a FREE webinar to help you kick off 2019 on a high...get your head in the right space NOW to ensure you waste no time when 2019 arrives. This year isn't done yet - there's still time to use it to really help you gear up for growth next year. You asked....we...

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  • A great win here for a new client- Congrats-Catherine Morgan @themoneypanel who has been quoted in The Telegraph as a financial expert.👌🏻🎉. We know you are just bursting with financial knowledge and love being able to help you share it with the masses. Quoted as an expert in The Telegraph gets us off to a great start!
This is a good example of thinking broadly about where you can share your knowledge- this piece is about saving for a 👰. Catherine is no wedding specialist but she’s applied her wider knowledge here to advise using her expertise in financial planning. PR opportunities could come from places/topics that you don’t expect- seek them all out and grab them. It all helps position you as a ‘turned to’ voice and provides fab media trust tags. 🙌
#moneyexpert #womeninfinance #womeninbiz #femaleentrepreneur #fempreneur  #sheboss  #ukbusinesswomen #successfulwomen #inspirationalwomen #workingmother
#femalefounders #publicrelations 
#entrepreneursofinstagram #visibility #prtips #media #getinthepress #weddingplanning #saving ‪#pr ‬
  • We were soooooo delighted to see this lovely lady chosen by @hellomag to contribute her voice to their #HelloToKindness campaign. Featured alongside celebrities and UK royalty Alison was turned to for her input as a mindfulness coach and she was THE expert featured in an article exploring the ways we can incorporate more kindness into our day. 
She inspired the journo to ‘never let positivity stay silent’ and it makes for a really interesting read.
⠀ 👉👈 ⠀
This weekend she’s running ☆ Connect to Kindness through a Global Online Kindness Meditation ☆ in her Facebook group- link in her bio. .
#kindness #hellomag #rolemodelling #benice #helloonline #hellotokindnesscampaign #mindfulness #meditate #livemeditation #kindnessmatters #positivelife #goodvibes #consciouscreation ⠀
#womeninbiz #femaleentrepreneur #fempreneur  #sheboss  #successfulwomen #inspirationalwomen #workingmother
#visibility #media #getinthepress
  • Raising your game......

What’s so great about being in the press and how can media coverage help you raise your game in business? Let’s look at these questions as we celebrate @vibrant_balanced_health latest expert article in a leading wellness mag.

Founder Alison had on her vision board that she dreamt of being recognized as an industry expert. With years of experience and bursting with knowledge she has so much to give and share with clients - yet she was struggling to communicate this. > Being quoted in the media has provided her with the visibility and credibility she needed so she feels recognised as an expert in her field. BIG confidence win! > The media coverage has provided content she can share offering useful info that helps illustrate her knowledge in areas that could benefit us all. BIG value win! 👩‍🎓 > The titles she has been featured in are well recognized titles, providing impressive 3rd party endorsement of her expertise to her to clients and potential clients.BIG kudos win! 🤩 > Through this coverage Alison has reached thousands of new people, widening her reach, for a TINY fraction of the cost of advertising in these titles. BIG marketing win! 🗣

So....not a bad idea 💡 of Alison’s to make PR a part of her business strategy, hey? 
If you’ve got knowledge to share and have solid expertise in your industry and would like to know how this could work for you- don’t be shy, shout up and we’ll book you in for a FREE PR call. ⚡️Let’s get visible, visible! ⠀ ⠀
⠀#wellness #naturalhealth #pr #womeninbiz #femaleentrepreneur #fempreneur  #sheboss  #visibility #successfulwomen #workingmother
#femalefounders #publicrelations
#entrepreneursofinstagram #influencer
  • “After discovering Jo last year, and listening intently to a FB live she did on how to get yourself in the press for free I have been back and forth on what my message is, what is the nitty gritty to my story and what is it that I really want to tell people about. ⠀

I got my first write up today in a local paper, it's not national YET! But it was all down to learning tips from Jo on how to get in the press, that I even have a story worth telling, so thank you Jo! ⠀
This is all leading towards working with you as a client and going to the big guns!!!”

This message put a HUGE smile on my face! I’ve watched @the_mindset_mum mission come to life over the last year and am totally behind it, bringing meditation to kids she’s now making inroads with schools to widen her scope which is fantastic.

Claire MacGillivray was initially nervous about approaching the media but she’s been digesting all our trainings in my free Facebook group PR 'You Can Do it!' on how to embrace her story and communicate it- and boy has she nailed it!
So proud to have helped this lovely lady find her confidence to share her mission. Huge congrats Claire!! Xx
P.S Feel free to request to join if you think you could benefit from some PR tips in a friendly supportive space x
#mindset #meditation #mentalhealthforkids #relax #media #storytelling #pr #femaleentrepreneur #womeninbiz #fempreneur #sheboss #ukbusinesswomen #smallbusiness #successfullwomen #inspirationalwomen  #womensupportingwomen #femalefounders #publicrelations #entrepreneursofinstagram
#womenhelpingwomen #bossbabe #womensvoice #beheard
  • #Repost @emmajstirk with @get_repost

One for all small biz owners - our fabulous client @emmajstirk has launched a new arm of her business, and we wanted to share it with you as think it will be valuable to many.

Emma has zoned in on her years of expertise as a lawyer and combined this with her understanding of mentoring entrepreneurs to create accessible friendly advice to help protect your business. Emma is one of the good guys, out there to genuinely help us all through the legal jargon and ensure as business owners we are dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s before we get burnt. 
Hop over to her new page to see what it’s all about and trust me when I tell you she’s amazing xx ・・・
🗣 Exciting News 🗣

Over the last few months I’ve been working away putting plans in motion to launch my legal support service for business owners.

I’m really excited about this venture as becoming a lawyer was my goal from the age of 8 (yep, seriously!) and law has always been one of my greatest passions... So, after getting approached by more and more business owners looking for simple, straightforward solutions to protect their businesses, I knew it was time to put my legal skills, knowledge and experience into action... As a successful business owner and online entrepreneur myself, I know that the legal aspects of business are not the most exciting... BUT 
I also know that failing to acknowledge how important it is to get your business properly protected can end up costing you precious time, money, and even your reputation! 
Which is why I’m so excited about the legal lounge UK. No longer will you have to worry that you don’t have the right documents, processes or protection in place... The Legal Lounge is here to provide you with easy to understand tips and advice and simple and effective legal solutions to ensure you can get the exact information and protection you need and I can’t wait to get started!

Please keep your eyes peeled for further details and in the meantime I’ll be sharing legal tips and info here and also across on my new facebook business page - I’d really love for you to check it out
  • Hey everyone! I’m wondering who is a Female Success Network member? It’s a fabulous community for Female Entrepreneurs looking for support in establishing or growing a business- and each month you get hugely valuable training content as part of your package.( Which is a crazy £29 per month!!)
This month I have shared my knowledge providing hundreds of pounds worth of training - for FREE- to teach you tips and tricks of how to find your media friendly story and use it to get yourself in the press for free.
This is part of my mission to help more female entrepreneurs be seen!! - so I hope you’ll jump in to help you raise your visibility this year.👌🏻

I invite you to jump on over to and have a nosy. ⠀

Enjoy - and go for it!! ⚡️( photo credit @brandingphotographeruk ) ⠀
#fsn #womeninbiz #femaleentrepreneur #fempreneur  #sheboss  #ukbusinesswomen #successfulwomen #inspirationalwomen #workingmother
#femalefounders #publicrelations 
#entrepreneursofinstagram #womensupportingwomen #collaborationovercompetition #visibility #prtips #media #getinthepress

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A great win here for a new client- Congrats-Catherine Morgan 👌🏻🎉. We know you are just bursting with financial knowledge and love being able to help you share it with the masses. Quoted as a expert in The Telegraph gets us off to a great start! Xx

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