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‘Have a Heart’ – World Wellbeing Week 2019

You know we talk to you about values-driven PR…about telling your story and about illustrating your vision? Well this campaign is it! Lyndsey has hit PR perfection by launching her ‘Have a Heart campaign’ aiming to raise awareness for how we interact with others and how we can consciously be kinder to others.

We’re Hiring! Part-Time PR Assistant

Part-time Public Relations Assistant - Leeds based We've got a great opportunity for someone to come and get stuck in with our Leeds team- could it be you? We need someone charismatic, a fast learner, a great communicator, someone not afraid to pick the phone up and...

The Power of Becoming a Bestselling Author

Writing a book or being part of a collaborative book is a process like no other. It's a chance to spread your message, share your passions, and leave a behind legacy, imparting your wisdom and voice. To win in your field of business, you need to create a following of...

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  • #CelebrateSunday 🎉
So we have 2 of our amazing clients in this Fabulous piece 🌟

This piece is such a strong piece because it’s raw, it’s emotional and it’s real- and it says a lot about the incredible women who feature in it.

As women in business succeeding it can be easy for people to think you’ve got it all - but so often people have been on a hell of a journey.

We talk a lot about the power of sharing a personal story and this is a fantastic example. .

Those who’ve watched these ladies fly will have even more respect for them now knowing what they’ve been through, they will recognize the resilience, the emotional strength and the bravery.
Stories like this also really matter to others who have suffered but who live with these things alone. Lots of love for this Natasha Leigh Bray and Jaimie Sarah - so glad we could help you have this voice 💕 x

Your resilience and passion for helping others shines through and the work you now both do with other mums giving them confidence feels like you’ve come full circle 💕 So glad we could help you share your story that I know will inspire many x
. 👉👈.
#womenempowerment #womensupportingwomen #childbirth #storytelling #strongwomenrock #inspiring #celebratelife #celebratesunday #femalefounders #strengthinmotherhood #motherhood #workingmums
  • Come and join us at what promises to be a fun, inspiring girly night!

Can’t wait and super proud our client @girlaboutblogsquad will be on the panel sharing her story 🌟

#health #wellness #mentalhealth #leeds #yorkshire #girlsnight #fashion #womensupportingwomen #femalefounders #womenshealth #inittogether
  • Happy F**k It Friday! - the day when we throw caution to the wind and think big! 👊👌🏻Today’s is about going all in! ⚡️How often do you get so wrapped up in your biz that you forget to look at the bigger pic? How often do you really walk your walk and fly the flag for your values?

Well this week I want to talk to you about campaigns as we’re celebrating @girlaboutyorkshire and the success of her #haveaheart campaign that advocates the power of kindness and #womensupportingwomen which:-
- sold out of charity heart pins within 3 days - Has driven hundreds of new people to her website
- Has generated stacks of media coverage
- Has attracted celebrity ambassadors - Has got her a speaking gig to further share her story .

This campaign was all about #wenotme and this is soooooo powerful in PR. When you are on a mission people want to come with you, when you’re doing something for charity people stop to take notice, when your message is bigger than being about just you it engages. This campaign has raised Lyndsey’s profile and will continue to do so - but moreover it has illustrated her values to her audience - an audience who will now be even more aligned, more engaged, more supportive.

It takes a bit of creativity but ultimately it comes back down to heart and what you stand for. .

So today, this F**k It Friday my challenge is:- what could you do to go all in to illustrate your values? How can you make waves with your #wenotme?.... It doesn’t have to be today or tomorrow but what can you plan into your business to really help your values shine through? It’s fun to think about.... and I promise it will help you make an impact xx .
#womensupportingwomen #wenotme #values #allin #fuckitfriday #friyay #femalefounders #pr #marketing #charity #smallbiz #creativethinking #onlinebiz #girlboss #communityovercompetition #supportwomenownedbusinesses #fempreneur #womensupportwomen
  • How do you get people to believe you’re awesome? You show them... time and time again. .

So today @jojo_graham announced I’d be joining her at her Content Creation workshop in London on 27 July. A jam packed day where we’ll look at just how you can get people to believe you’re awesome. ... this starts with YOU believing you’re awesome.... and being able to communicate that. .

I’ll be teaching how to position your business so you stand out as your awesome self, be that to potential clients or the press- and how to nail your message and story to really communicate this to others.
JoJo will be teaching you how to write content that converts, and this practical session will see you leave with a batch of drafted social media posts to schedule into your marketing. .

In 1 day we’ll nail a whole batch of content that will keep you going for weeks. .

I’m excited about this event as a guest - to get some content planned to get me through August school holidays!! - but also very excited to bring you some simple ways to really nail your story.

Would be fab to see you there! It’s defo going to be a value packed day x 👊Message me for tickets x 
#contentisking #contentmarketing #socialmedia #training #storytelling #marketing #onlinebiz #girlboss #femalefounders #communityovercompetition #supportwomenownedbusinesses #fempreneur #womensupportwomen #pr #workshop #london #workingmums
  • . . . When passionate women come together to chat all things #wellness amazing things happen. Sooooo incredible seeing the power of true collaboration, no egos, no bullshit, just a real focus on making impact. Watch this space xx
Repost @girlaboutyorkshire
What has actress, singer and model @natjanderson got in common with little old me? Well in this picture, apart from a love of yellow - not a great deal. She has the most amazing long legs. I don't. She looks hot in denim hotpants and an off the shoulder number. Im wearing a calf length skirt and a granny cardigan. She's brunette, Im blonde...
The fact is we are very similar in so many ways. Maybe not at face value, but on a much deeper level.
Natalie is was an absolute pleasure to meet you today. I cant wait to roll out our exciting plans to push the power of kindness and improve wellbeing 💛
Exciting times ahead!
Who's the blonde with the baby in the middle? Well that's #PR guru @jochocpr who orchestrated this little Monday meet up. And Oscar - what Oscar doesn't know about PR ain't worth knowing! 👼💛 .
 #girlaboutwellbeing #pushthepowerofkindness #justbekind #smile #allittakesisasmile #ItsWeNotMe #wellness #mentalhealth #womensupportingwomen #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthawareness #itsoknottobeok #strongertogether #girlpower #feelgoodfeed #motivation  #growthmindset #balance  #mindandbody  #positivethinking #knowyourworth #selfbelief #feelgoodfeed #fiercefemales #femalefounders #womanrule #takearisk #femaleentrepreneur #girlaboutyorkshire  #thisisme
  • Today’s F**k It Friday is all about belief and we are celebrating a fantastic client who is really making waves in her industry.

@themoneypanel Catherine Morgan is on a mission to help women be more in control of their financial futures and has been literally travelling the country banging her drum. She believes in what she’s doing, the need for it and the impact she can make- and she believes in herself.

Being recognized in her industry is really important to her and these awards have been a huge goal for her. They are big ones but she believed she deserved to be recognized- and she was 🙌⚡️ We’re delighted that she’s now taken this beauty home, to remind her how much difference she’s making. She’s feeling proud, accomplished and ready to carry on making a difference- that’s what awards can do for you.

Catherine lives and breathes her mission and in her award entry we were able to illustrate this ⭐️. Congratulations Catherine- you soooo deserve this 👌🏻🎉 Here are a few words from the lady herself: “Not often I blow my own trumpet but...I’m Coming home with this in my hand...highly commended for Role Model of the year! I was also short listed for ‘social media influencer’ and ‘financial adviser for south east’ and this was the one I least expected to be recognised for! 
Over 1200 entries to these awards. Shortlisted to just 10 in this category.Feeling incredibly proud to be recognised to inspire change in the financial services profession. I would love to see the future of financial advice as a profession with greater gender diversity, less jargon, more focus on planning and the emotions around money. Helping us all to be financially resilient!”.
. >>>>. Are you on a mission in your industry? Ready to say F**k It and stand u to be recognized? We can help! Get in touch today 🥇
#awards #winner #recognition #industryexpert #womeninfinance #moneytalk #femaleentrepreneurs #daretobeseen2019 #womensupportingwomen #pr #womeninbusiness #pride

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