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Chocolate PR is an agency passionate about raising the bar and giving the industry a better name. Founded by Jo Swann in 2004 and still managed by her today, Chocolate PR is driven by passion for helping businesses benefit from the power of PR, with a specialism for working with growth businesses and ambitious entrepreneurs. Whether you’re a growing company in Yorkshire or a female entrepreneur in London, we can offer you all-round support so you benefit from our 20 years experience in the PR industry.

“We’ve been delivering award winning results for nearly 20 years working with some of the most innovative companies in the UK.”

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We can work as your PR Director to plan strategic PR campaigns, content creation and media relations activity. We often work at board level.

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‘Have a Heart’ – World Wellbeing Week 2019

You know we talk to you about values-driven PR…about telling your story and about illustrating your vision? Well this campaign is it! Lyndsey has hit PR perfection by launching her ‘Have a Heart campaign’ aiming to raise awareness for how we interact with others and how we can consciously be kinder to others.

We’re Hiring! Part-Time PR Assistant

Part-time Public Relations Assistant - Leeds based We've got a great opportunity for someone to come and get stuck in with our Leeds team- could it be you? We need someone charismatic, a fast learner, a great communicator, someone not afraid to pick the phone up and...

The Power of Becoming a Bestselling Author

Writing a book or being part of a collaborative book is a process like no other. It's a chance to spread your message, share your passions, and leave a behind legacy, imparting your wisdom and voice. To win in your field of business, you need to create a following of...

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  • Ordering the Hubby’s belated Xmas pressie with a fun trip to Durham (the small issue of a baby got in the way! ). A pair of bespoke hand dyed shoes .... with so many fun options of how to make them truly unique. Soooo excited to see the end result- and the experience is just amazing- set in a beautiful historic building, headed up by this creative dude I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for something special. Watch this space for the finished article....

Needless to say Tim don’t go for red crocodile shoes .... but there are a few little special touches that will be 👌🏻👌🏻. (Oh and they have this fabulous room on site too, complete with bar 🥂) .

Thanks so much Simon Bourne- your business is 🤘The Hand Dyed Shoe Company

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  • DAY 3 RESEARCH/COMP-  Are are interested in becoming more visible?
Pick my brain - talk PR angles, media hooks, journo pitching tips.... if you win in my Comp !! .

In return for your time to answer these questions you could bag yourself that PR Clinic Call worth £250 ⚡️⚡️

So questions…
🔸How much time are you willing to invest monthly in raising your profile to become more visible ? .
. 🔸How much budget are you willing to invest to solve your problem of low/not high enough visibility? <£500
Budget isn’t an issue if I get results
. 🔸Would you prefer to invest in a 1 off project or for ongoing support?
. 🔸What is the one thing that makes you decide to invest in a service/product?
. 🔸What is the one thing that stops you investing in a service product?
. 🔸If we were to work together to solve your low visibility problem, what would you expect from me as your PR and what results would make you LOVE me?

Thank you soooooo much for your input! Excited to hear your thoughts x

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  • DAY 2: Want to win an hour 121 with me to help you nail your PR hooks, brainstorm campaign ideas, find you some PR opportunities? Give me a comment on my research questions and that could be yours! . 👉Q1. What is your biggest struggle in terms of being more visible and reaching more people so you can make more impact? 👈
. 👉Q2. How would it make you feel to be featured in national media? 👈
. 👉Q3. What media would you love to be seen in? 👈

Really appreciate your time, thank you, and all comments will go into a draw 🎉 .

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  • Who fancies winning an hour 121 with me to chat all things PR? Help you nail your PR hooks, brainstorm campaign ideas, find you some PR opportunities? Well that’s up for grabs if you’d help me with a bit of research this week. Here are a couple of questions for starters. Thanks sooooo much! Xx 👉Q1. What is your biggest struggle in biz at the moment? 👈 . 👉Q2. If you could click your fingers and change one thing in your life what would it be? 👈 .

Really appreciate your time, thank you, and all comments will go into a draw 🎉

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  • #CelebrateSunday 🎉
So we have 2 of our amazing clients in this Fabulous piece 🌟

This piece is such a strong piece because it’s raw, it’s emotional and it’s real- and it says a lot about the incredible women who feature in it.

As women in business succeeding it can be easy for people to think you’ve got it all - but so often people have been on a hell of a journey.

We talk a lot about the power of sharing a personal story and this is a fantastic example. .

Those who’ve watched these ladies fly will have even more respect for them now knowing what they’ve been through, they will recognize the resilience, the emotional strength and the bravery.
Stories like this also really matter to others who have suffered but who live with these things alone. Lots of love for this Natasha Leigh Bray and Jaimie Sarah - so glad we could help you have this voice 💕 x

Your resilience and passion for helping others shines through and the work you now both do with other mums giving them confidence feels like you’ve come full circle 💕 So glad we could help you share your story that I know will inspire many x
. 👉👈.
#womenempowerment #womensupportingwomen #childbirth #storytelling #strongwomenrock #inspiring #celebratelife #celebratesunday #femalefounders #strengthinmotherhood #motherhood #workingmums
  • Come and join us at what promises to be a fun, inspiring girly night!

Can’t wait and super proud our client @girlaboutblogsquad will be on the panel sharing her story 🌟

#health #wellness #mentalhealth #leeds #yorkshire #girlsnight #fashion #womensupportingwomen #femalefounders #womenshealth #inittogether

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Hello @Fionajourno we'd love to introduce you to Lyndsey Thomas who has an incredibly inspiring story - MUM OF 2 TROLLED AND SCARED TO BE VISIBLE LAUNCHES 'HAVE A HEART’ CAMPAIGN TO SPREAD MORE KINDNESS - more info -

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