So we’ve had a really interesting week carrying out some market research where we got under the skin of many of your challenges and are going to be tackling some of these over the coming weeks to help you get PR ready. This was a big one though….your belief that getting in national media was out of reach….

So,  many of our audience, surprise surprise, would like to be in the national press. YES! 🙌 to this – you absolutely should be. No more hiding your talents and your expertise under that rock – it’s time to Dare to Be Seen so you can move your business forward and feel proud of the impact you are making.

But – you told us that even those of you who feel ready to take this leap have these feelings:-

  1. You struggle to believe you can be in national media (just how would that happen?)
  2. You struggle to believe national journalists would choose you to feature
  3. You feel there is a mountain to climb
  4. You feel this will take an age to achieve so you’re not going to prioritise it right now….

Well AMAZING NEWS for you! We can shatter all of these concerns by letting you into a little secret or two.

  1. There are shortcuts to getting in national media.
  2. There are simple ways to get media media ready
  3. & 4. This doesn’t have to be a long drawn out process – some of our clients have achieved national press coverage in less than 24 hours

So let me explain.

The Media need you. When you start to understand that everything else seems a bit more do-able. They are understaffed, under-resourced and journos these days just don’t have the time to carry out 121 interviews to build up their content like they used to. They rely on PR people. They rely on proactive individuals putting themselves forward. They rely on twitter.

So how can you use this to your advantage to fast track your way to national media coverage, like our clients who have featured in Fabulous, The Daily Mail, Health And Wellbeing, Forbes…..

We’ve had clients find herself on trains to attend a photoshoot in London less than 24 hours from us responding to a request; another saw herself in a full page national news feature less than 24 hours from us responding to a request. This happens. It can be quick!

So how do you do this? You work WITH the journalists and you make yourself media ready.

The fastest way into national media titles is as part of a feature journalists are already writing. Be useful, be relevant, be strong with your voice and you might just find yourself a place in a national media feature. So how do you find these opportunities? Well I mentioned twitter. Journalists often reach out via a hashtag called #journorequest where they ask to speak to people with expertise in a certain area, or with a story that fits their angle. Anyone can respond to this so it is TOTALLY within reach for you -and deadlines are tight, which means you could see yourself in the media within 24 hours.

BUT – this is competitive – you HAVE to be media ready. So, you need to be able to demonstrate you’re credible, you need to be able to illustrate why you are the right person for this, you need strong quotes and often good profile images. Our route to achieving this is producing a media bio which is basically your awesomeness showcased in 1 fine document – this details your personal story, your corporate background, your business and your impact. From here media can quickly see why they should choose you. It’s useful to pull one of these together (you can request our free guide that will help you build this here). There is of course LinkedIn you can send them to if it’s simply corporate experience you need to illustrate, or your website About Us page if you share your story on there – but it depends on the enquiry as to if these will be enough.

We’d love you to explore this route as it’s a fantastic shortcut to national media exposure and takes it from being unaccessible to accessible.

Of course there is a HUGE barrage of content on twitter and it can be very difficult to keep on top of it and sift out the good stuff. If you’d prefer to only have relevant enquiries sent to you, and to have us be your eyes and ears (and we have access to many many more additional opportunities – not just those that appear on twitter) then you need to bag one of our ‘On the Lookout PR’ spots where we connect you to relevant inbound PR opportunities as and when they happen. We also make you 100% media ready with a fabulous media bio and we are in your corner every single day.

Our clients have bagged themselves thousands of pounds worth of media coverage within weeks and found themselves with national media trust tags they never thought they’d have! It’s exciting, it’s fun, it’s there for you!

“The On the Lookout PR Service is amazing…the opportunities are incredible, but what I love about it the most is how the Chocolate PR team are so intuitive about what opportunities are right for me – providing me with a huge variety of topics to comment on that all illustrate certain key values of mine, or relate to a key part of my story. I know much of my press has come from me being made ‘media ready’ too and my media bio is something I really treasure!” Caroline Strawson, Divorce Recovery Coach and Rapid Transformational Therapist

If you’d like to find out more, we’d love to chat.

[NB We are only taking on another 4 clients in this area over the summer so shout now if you want in!]