Dare to Be Seen!

PR Accelerator – September ’19

A ‘PR- You Can Do It!’ Programme for Secretly Shrinking Violets

Welcome to ‘Dare to be Seen!’  – A UNIQUE PR Programme that offers so much more than just press coverage. It’s your fast-track, 6 week hand-held path, run by global experts committed to getting you COMFORTABLE being VISIBLE and EXCITED by the opportunities this can bring!

How would you feel having Marie Claire or Forbes phone you up for your views?

How excited would you be to open your favourite mag and see your face in there?

How would you feel reaching millions with your message through media coverage your mentors would be proud of?

Fancy some epic trust tags for your website ‘As Seen In’…

How valuable to your business would it be to have that external validation?

Allow yourself to finally move your business forward so it can be seen and you can shine

It’s there for you… and you DESERVE it.

Developed by Jo Swann, Chocolate PR Founder, who herself has suffered from Imposter Syndrome, supported by world renowned coaches in self worth and personal branding, this programme is like NO OTHER! Created ESPECIALLY for you if you suffer from fears of being visible and are nervous about putting yourself out there.

In just 6 weeks you could bin your fears, doubts and worries and be sharing your press coverage with your audience!


It’s for you if…


  You’re a ‘secretly shrinking violet’ who seems so confident to others but is nervous about ‘getting out there’

 You know you have so much knowledge to share but constantly compare yourself to other ‘more successful’ peers

 You can’t see how you can sit alongside your peers as an expert

 You have a story that you know can help others

 You appreciate the value of featuring in the press but have no idea where to start

 You’re getting in your own way stunting your business growth and you’re sick of it!

98% of female entrepreneurs we’ve worked with have suffered imposter syndrome.

You are not alone!

100% of our clients feel empowered by their PR coverage & experience increased confidence


A UNIQUE PR Programme that offers so much more than just press coverage.

Bag one of our limited places!

So, what’s on offer? 


Accelerate your credibility by being recognised by well known platforms and achieve external validation that will give you the confidence to push your business forward.


Practical training on ‘How To’ get in the press, with guaranteed press coverage and 121 support (something you’ll never be able to access at this price again) blended beautifully with coaching that deals with the emotional side of why we are scared to be seen.⚡️

EXCLUSIVE training from a world-renowned coach to help you celebrate waving GOODBYE to imposter syndrome

EXCLUSIVE training from a globally in-demand personal brand strategist getting you crystal clear on how to position your values based message

HAND-HELD SUPPORT from the award-winning Chocolate PR team who’s generated over £1millon of PR Coverage just in Q1

WEEKLY CONFIDENCE BOOSTING live video coaching to keep you motivated and inspired

ACCESS TO LIVE NATIONAL MEDIA OPPORTUNITIES to fast track your way into the press

What are we here to achieve? 


Finally being able to tell imposter syndrome where to go

Your unique values based brand messaging that really reflects YOU

You understanding where PR opportunities are for you

GUARANTEED press coverage

Growing your audience by THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS

A faster path to 2019  business GROWTH

3rd party endorsement that you ARE an expert

Assurance that your story or knowledge IS inspiring for others

An acceptance that PR isn’t about ego it’s about IMPACT

A HUGE sense of pride that you’ve taken action

A new found confidence in marketing your business

A belief that you DESERVE to be up there being recognized

What will you learn?


Techniques to ward off imposter syndrome

A strategic approach to constructing brand messaging

What PR is and how you can use it to grow your business

How to create media-ready content

How to get journalists excited about your content

How to generate media trust tags

The BONUS Schnizzle! What else will you GET?


Your target media list prepared with bespoke contacts PROVIDED FOR FREE from us to you

A media-ready bio, sense checked by our expert team

A completed press release or guest blog to generate your first piece of press coverage, honed by your very own ‘PR buddy’ from Chocolate PR

PLUS  >>> The BONUS opportunity to pitch to our media contacts, for live media opportunities

and another HUGE BONUS…



FREE access to award-winning Authors and Co. Authors Academy worth over £700 – teaching you how to write a best-seller.

Sounds awesome right?!

It’s for you, if you:


You worry people won’t be interested in what you have to say

You’re determined this is the year you step up next level

You’re fed up of watching others become globally recognised through the media

You’re ready to command more for your expertise 

You want the national media trust tags that your peers/mentors have on their profiles


You want to be recognised as an expert

You fear visibility stuck in the comparison trap

You want to see that PR CAN be for you, not just the 6 or 7 figure entrepreneurs

You’re ready to take action and bag this crazy launch deal for a bargain price!

You’d like to be held accountable to ensure you maximise this opportunity 

It's time you were in media such as...

What others say...

Caroline has seen first hand the value of raising her profile and the benefits it has brought to her business.
Being in the national press has not only brought me, new clients, thanks to reaching out to wider audiences than my own network, but it has provided me with credibility to position myself as an expert from day 1 -and it’s led to me winning national awards just months after launching! I’m a BIG fan!!
Caroline Strawson

Certified High Performance Coach and RTT Practitioner

Vanessa is a sufferer of Imposter Syndrome. She didn’t think the press would be interested in her, yet she’s featured in all her key trade press, is now a recognised influencer, has sold out 2 industry events and is a best-selling author. High Five Vanessa.
Being in the media has without a doubt supported our booming growth this last year, Being quoted in trade media has helped me sell my courses, sell out my event and start to be recognised as an industry leader – all things I doubted where ever possible 12 months ago!
Vanessa Dooley

Founder of Jigsaw Early Years Consultancy

Abigail shares her experience on how PR has transformed her business…
I was sooooo nervous about PR 2 years ago. I feared judgement, I feared negative publicity, I feared being seen for my success. Now I use PR as a regular tool within my business to showcase my results for clients, to share my expertise and to have a voice as a female entrepreneur inspiring other women globally. Once I realised it wasn’t all about me and PR was not an ‘ego thing’ -it’s about supporting others through sharing your knowledge and story, everything changed.
Abigail Horne

Owner & Founder of Authors & Co.


We want to be very clear at the outset on what we’re bringing to the party as part of our commitment to you, so here’s an outline of what we cover during our time together.


Dare to be Seen – A ‘PR- You Can Do it!’ Programme for secretly shrinking violets


Week 1:

Andrea Callanan: Finding Your Voice. How to quieten the chimp on your shoulder and empower the champion within

We start at the very beginning and cut the crap to help rid you of those shady limiting beliefs and stick 2 fingers up at Imposter Syndrome that’s held you back for so long. It’s time to get proud, to fully support your passion and purpose with a positivity that will help your businesses grow. Andrea will share insights and tools and techniques to helps us shake off negative thoughts about not being good enough to retrain our brains to believe in our expertise and to embrace sharing our story to increase our impact. It’s all about self-worth….and how to get some more!

Week 2:

Jo Swann: What is PR

Now we all agree we have a message to share and that we’re doing others a disservice by dulling our impact it’s time to look at how PR works so we can understand how to use it to amplify our voice.

We ask, What really is PR? Not the corporate bull version of it, but the genuine engaging version of it that helps you, as a female entrepreneur, build relationships with your audience, instill trust in your business and helps you build credibility. We cover how journalists work, what PR opportunities look like and teach you how to play the PR game to get free press coverage.

Week 3:

Sarah Stone & Jo Swann: Mastering your Message AND Creating your Story

We want to get in the press to spread our message but to make PR work for you, you need to first determine what your message is, what your values are, and what mission it is you are wanting to communicate.

It may be that you are super clear on this -fabulous – however, presenting it to media is something else. As we previously learned PR is not about selling products it is about connecting with your audience and this module takes you through exactly how to do that.

Week 4:

Chocolate PR Team – Positioning Your Story-  The Media Bio

Now it’s time to start getting your story down on paper, in a media-friendly format that’s worked for our clients time and time again. We teach you how to write a strong Media Bio, using proven templates and showcasing best practice examples as your guide.

*Once your media bio is complete we start offering you LIVE MEDIA opportunities from national press* – PRICELESS


Week 5:

Chocolate PR Team – Writing your story – the press release or guest blog

This week we look at building on your bio and finding a timely PR news hook, and our focus is on teaching you best practice tips on writing a press release or guest blog piece to position your story in a format expected by the media. We also look at how to pitch this story to the press to make sure you hit the mark.

**BONUS** – Hand over your PR content to our expert team, who will offer edit suggestions on your final submissions. INVALUABLE

Week 6:

Chocolate PR Team – Double Whammy: Part 1 – Finding Your Media:

Now it’s time to help you find the perfect media contacts – this makes the whole experience more enjoyable, less stressful and more rewarding! You do the research, we provide you with contact info 🙂

Chocolate PR Team- Double Whammy: PART 2 Pitching to the Press:

So, you’ve come this far! You’ve nailed your PR angles and hooks got your media list ready and understand what your target journalists or podcast hosts are looking for. We’ll practice your pitch so you nailing a quick intro that they’ll be happy to listen to.

Other Bonuses:

To further support you and your mindset as you progress Jo Maloney will run Live Videos throughout the course to motivate and reiterate Andrea’s messages.

Bonus Follow Up Zoom call:

Once the programme is over and you are ready to get on your merry way you can jump on a FREE 45-minute Zoom 121 call with a Chocolate PR PR Buddy, to help plan your PR moving forward.



What's Your Investment?

 So it sounds incredible and worth thousands….It is!

  • It costs over 2K to work with Andrea 121
  • Sarah’s course is over 1K
  • The PR coaching alone is worth over £2.5K
  • Access to the media opportunities is usually reserved to our 121 clients at a starting price of £650
  • Authors & Co bonus is worth over £700
  • AND you get GUARANTEED press coverage

What’s the cost?

The enrolment price for September ’19 is just  £997 + VAT. Bonkers, we know.

We are purposely going to keep this group small so don’t waste time if you want in! – Jump in today 🙂 …


Meet Your Teachers...

Jo Swann

Jo Swann

Founder of Chocolate PR, Jo is an award winning PR Director, on a mission to empower more female entrepreneurs to unlock the power of telling their story and share their expertise. She has experience of working with the likes of Whistles & Yo! Sushi but her passion now is in supporting female entrepreneurs. With a journalism background she understands how PR works from both sides of the newsdesk – and this is invaluable.
Jo Maloney

Jo Maloney

Jo Maloney is a Communications Expert and part of the management team at Chocolate PR. She is also a Business and Life Coach and has supported female entrepreneurs across varied sectors on confidence, attitudes of gratitudes and self worth. Supportive yet assertive her approach ensures women feel empowered to achieve their goals, whilst still being true to themselves and their values.
Sarah Stone

Sarah Stone

A recognised champion for female entrepreneurs, New York based Co-Founder of Female Success Network Sarah Stone is a heart centred mentor and personal brand specialist. Having been in business herself for nearly 15 years, she now supports other ambitious women, helping skyrocket their businesses’ globally through nailing their personal brand and helping them communicate their message.
Andrea Callanan

Andrea Callanan

Voice, Confidence & Success Coach, Andrea Callanan is globally renowned, on a mission to inspire more women to level up their lives and businesses. A best-selling author she is open in sharing her own story and challenges to help us see what can be overcome. Having worked with women all over the world, helping them work on their self worth and rid imposter syndrome she’s a powerhouse of a lady who really delivers!



A UNIQUE PR Programme that offers so much more than just press coverage. Make sure you bag YOUR place!