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Have you seen your competitors or peers getting in the press and think ‘that should’ve been me?’ Do you wonder how they’re doing it, being quoted as an expert here there and everywhere?

If you appreciate the power of PR, but don’t have time to source opportunities yourself, let us keep our eyes out for you.

Let us tap you into opportunities that come from journalists needing fast turnaround support, with information, advice, quotes, case studies, products to feature – we get these presented to us daily, and we then pass them over to you.

Opportunities that come are usually things like being included in a wider article offering your expert opinion on a given subject, your story as a case study, featured guest blog opportunities, radio interviews, TV appearances…that kind of thing.

Clients have been featured in Cosmo, The Guardian, Huff Post, Thrive Global, Forbes, The Telegraph, The Metro, Entrepreneur & Investor, to name just a few

Register for our ‘On the Lookout’ PR service, and we’ll make sure you’re considered for any relevant PR opportunities coming from your industry.

Each relevant opportunity will be presented to you when it arises, and if required we can then compile features, offer quotes, and arrange interviews.

Youll come out with:

  • Increased visibility and credibility – An increased media profile which will provide mass audience exposure of your brand along with ‘trust tags’, such as ‘As Seen in The Telegraph’ that you can milk across your marketing
  • Strong relationships with national press who come to rely on you for content
  • An understanding of how PR works ‘behind the scenes’

“This service from Chocolate PR opened doors for me in many ways, very quickly. It got me into The Guardian, Cosmo and Women’s Health all within the first month of working with them – providing me with national media logos to use on my marketing, which in turn led to new business opportunities. I’m really grateful that they have created such a service to make national PR a real option for small business”.

Dr Zaffran Shahzada

What does this cost?

Budget: Month 1 £997 + VAT Kick off and you get all this:-

  • Our proven ‘What’s Your Story’ PR Media Bio, written from a journalistic perspective, to help you hone your media friendly angles
  • A 121 zoom call with a Chocolate PR team member to help you NAIL your PR-able angles and ensure we have dug deep enough to find several PR angles we can use to generate you coverage
  • The creation of a professional media bio for use when responding to journalists requests, to position you as an expert (can also be used, and often is, for wider marketing messaging across your website, social channels, or for award entries)

(The above RRP is £497 but it comes as part of this package)

  • Us connecting you to national media opportunities, live as they come in to us (ALL opportunities sourced in month 1 are within this fee – no additional charges are made)

Ongoing fees:

  • From month 2 onwards (as long as you have achieved coverage in month 1) there is then a £650 + VAT fee for us to continue to offer you media opportunities, and respond on your behalf to journalist requests. We are your eyes and ears, your PR Manager connecting you to the press an helping you celebrate your knowledge, and your story. This is a ridiculously low cost way of having a PR agency be your eyes and ears sourcing media opportunities for you and for providing a press office service. (Includes organising opportunity, obtaining quotes from you, providing information to journalist)


Clients have achieved coverage in:-


*Please note that this service is not suitable for all types of business – working with us on this basis involves a short application process so we can determine if it would work for you.

“I LOVE this service. Just a couple of weeks after first working with the team in this way I was in the national press – just little old me running my business from home in The Telegraph, it was insane. Now I’m regularly called upon by media for expert comment and it’s helped my business boom massively. I support female entrepreneurs globally through success coaching and them seeing me quoted in national press provides the visibility and credibility to help me stand out in my market”.

Emma Stirk

Success Coach

I only set up my business this year, and opened my shop just 2 months ago but I have already secured a feature in a women’s magazine, telling my story and promoting my services. I find this truly incredible!

Susan Hughes

Founder, The Wool Boutique

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