We hope you managed to catch our webinar on how to get in the press before Christmas as that was a whole hour of FREE PR advice handed to you on a plate. If you haven’t yet you can still catch our next one on Monday by registering here – https://www.chocolatepr.co.uk/get-in-the-press-b4-xmas-webinar/

As a bit of an overview here is what we cover:-

> What is PR and why is it important for your business if you want to raise your credibility and visibility  

The quick answer:-

What is PR?

  • Public Relations – building relationships with your audiences
  • Using the media to increase your reach
  • Communicating your business via your values
  • Getting 3rd party endorsement (via press or public) for your business
  • Getting people to know, like and trust you
  • Sharing news/info that benefits others
  • [Free promotion of your business]

Why Care?

  • PR helps build customer bases and loyalty -building credibility and visibility
  • You stand out from your competitors and have real depth
  • You become trusted
  • You need to tell your story!
  • It attracts opportunities -more press, awards, speaking opps
  • It can be hugely cost-effective and impactful on a small budget -save £thousands!!!


What PR tools can I use to get in the press before Xmas?

There are 4 key PR tools we recommend you explore if you are looking to get yourself into the press before Xmas – all give you a different way in based on the content you have or the type of business you are in – but all give you a good chance of achieving media coverage, and therefore increased visibility before the end of the year 🙂

  1. Campaigns, launches & events (News, announcements, PR events, campaign activity, charity focus stories, launches all tie into this and can be submitted to the media as timely news content if it’s relevant to something happening in your business NOW. You will need to create a press release to be able to submit this. Ask about our ‘How to nail a press release’ training module if of interest)
  2. Blogs (Using blog content can be a door opener to the media if you can identify that they cover similar topics. You’ll probably be used to writing blogs for your website or social media so why not use this for media content too? What topical subjects could you tackle to make it timely?)
  3. Profiles/Q&As (Many media run regular profile slots and interviews and it can be just a case of ‘getting on the list’ so identify opportunities in your target media, answer the questions and submit -easy!)
  4. Gift Guides & 12 Days of Xmas opportunities (Competitions and giveaways as well as featuring in Xmas Gift guides are easy PR wins for retail businesses but there are also ways for service-based businesses to get in on the action. What products of yours should be in gift guides? What products/services could you give away as part of a 12 days of xmas campaign? What other brands could you connect with? It’s all there to be done, and others are doing it, so don’t miss out!)

What’s the secret?

How can you seize some of these opportunities and take action to see yourself featured in the media before Xmas?

  1. Media research – You need to know your media, how often it goes to print, what topics they cover on what days, who writes these – media research is absolutely key to identifying your PR opportunities



2. Nailing your PR content – Getting your story/angle/tips content written in the right tone is the next secret. You need to write it right – so the media can simply lift your content and have no real work to do themselves. Make it easy for them, make your content fit their publication, and you’ll have a strong chance of success!

This is keeping things simple but if you explore the above you’re on the road to PR success. If you need a helping hand, you know where we are! You CAN still get in the press before Xmas, so let’s do this! 🙂

“I used Chocolate PR to help hone my story after I’d no traction trying myself, and my press release went from having no replies, to being in the paper the next day!”


“I used Chocolate PR’s tips on how to get in the media and submitted a series of topical blogs – I am now a regular columnist in one of my top target publications -so happy!”


Catch our next webinar on Monday by registering here – https://www.chocolatepr.co.uk/get-in-the-press-b4-xmas-webinar/

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If you’d just like us to do it all for you and GUARANTEE you press coverage before Xmas with minimum hassle check out our current offer – Our VIP PR Programme – we only have a limited amount of slots on this and it’s filling up fast so shout if you’d like our support! We’d love to help get you in the press before Xmas 🙂