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We’ve had clients in national and international magazines, on the radio and TV this year, not to mention oodles of valuable online coverage -you can grab some of this action too.

You said:-

I’ve not capitalised on all my wins this year. I’ve not celebrated the impact I’m having…..I put PR to the bottom of the list – but now wish I’d have done some activity to raise my profile, having seen competitors in the press and I know I should be there too! I’d like to end 2018 on a high!

It’s NOT too late! – and we can guarantee you can nail it with our expert 121 support.

There are 5 key ways you can get in the press before Xmas – we’ll show you how to tap into these and personally handhold you to ensure success.

We’ve committed to allocating our time to 5 NEW CLIENTS with a money back GUARANTEE – but please NB this is an APPLICATION ONLY PROCESS as we need to ensure this programme will be right for you.

It’s for you if you’re:-

  • Fed up of seeing competitors in the press
  • Ready to tell your story and raise your profile
  • New to PR
  • Doing something that more people need to know about!
  • Celebrating a success or milestone in your business
  • Passionate about sharing your skills/products/services
  • Excited about getting in front of a larger audience
  • Ready to end 2018 with impact
  • Ready to attract new business opportunities for 2019

Is it time you were in media such as ….




What’s up for grabs?:-





More about this exciting programme:-

This course is jam-packed with tips and guides, with knowledge and best practice, based on 20 years of experience of working in the PR game. We KNOW this is the stuff YOU need to know.

The programme modules we cover in just 4 weeks include:-

1. Finding Your Story & PR Content – Identifying your story and the power of telling it, also identifying other PR content you can use to get yourself in the press with some quick wins

2. Finding Your PR Opportunities – Getting to know your media we look at how to get under the skin of your target press. We create you a bespoke media list and tap you into our personal journalist contacts. It cannot be emphasized enough how key this part of the process is.

3. Producing your PR Content – Identifying PR hooks is a skill. Writing your press release is a skill. We will handhold you to make sure you have the very best journo friendly content, edit your content until it’s perfect as we work together to create media friendly conent you would not have realised you had!

4. Talking the the Press – Now it’s time to get that amazing content out to our very targeted media. We show you how to approach/deal with journalists.and we personally connect you to media opportunities.




Why is this for you?

If you’re feeling like you haven’t quite finished with 2018 yet – like you’ve got unfinished business, like you need to make more impact, this is your answer.

It’s here to walk you through EXACTLY how to get media exposure – something the majority of your competitors DON’T KNOW how to do, so you’ll end 2018 leaps and bounds in front of them and ready to storm 2019.💥





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PR is NOT just for the big boys, for the corporates, it’s an AMAZING tool for entrepreneurs. The media are seeking YOU out, keen to CELEBRATE the success of small businesses -it’s your time – you need to make sure you’re riding the wave and making the most of your opportunities. It’s now or never for finishing this year on a high.

It’s FUN, it’s exciting, it’s empowering, it’s guaranteed results – it’s here to get you in the press to end 2018 on a high. What’s not to love?!

This offer is limited and is CRAZY value – we promise! Let’s do this 🙂