Join us on a FREE webinar to help you end 2018 on a high…and get in the press before the year’s out! This year isn’t done yet – there’s time to make more impact!

You asked….we delivered!

You said:-

I’ve not capitalised on all my wins this year. I’ve not celebrated the impact I’m having…..I put PR to the bottom of the list – but now wish I’d have done some activity to raise my profile, having seen competitors in the press and I know I should be there too! I’d like to end 2018 on a high!

We are VERY excited to invite you to our ‘Get in the Press Before Xmas!’ Webinar 💥 After lots of recent discussions with small businesses who don’t feel like they’ve really nailed 2018 yet, it became clear to us that we could help.

Here’s Jo with her personal invite for you to join her 🙂

Many who we chatted to felt they had not made enough impact, reached enough people or truly made their mark in their industry, as servicing clients and running their business had taken precedence. What I’m here to tell you is that it’s NOT too late! You can still end 2018 on a high by taking a little time to commit to raising your profile – and get in the press before the year’s out.

Webinar dates: Monday 8th October 12pm & Monday 15th October 12pm.

It’s for you if you’re:-

  • Fed up of seeing competitors in the press
  • Ready to tell your story and raise your profile
  • New to PR
  • Doing something that more people need to know about!
  • Celebrating a success or milestone in your business
  • Passionate about sharing your skills/products/services
  • Excited about getting in front of a larger audience
  • Ready to end 2018 with impact
  • Ready to attract new business opportunities for 2019

Is it time you were in media such as ….




We will simply cover:-

1. Why Use PR in your business – We look at the business benefits of raising your profile

2. Understanding PR & Identifying your Opportunities – Where can you get coverage pre-xmas? Being able to see where you could feature in the press for free is key to success

3. Creating Your PR Content – We talk through the different types of PR content you could create to generate yourself free press exposure

4. How We Can Help – We introduce you to our VIP PR Package that GUARANTEES you press coverage pre Xmas with Jo’s personal 121 support. Stay tuned to bag the discount code!