Your business IS PR-able – but are YOU ready?

PR can open up all sorts of insecurities, such as Imposter Syndrome, feelings of vulnerabilities and nervousness about being visible – we see this everyday, you are not alone. If you have come from working in corporate it can feel very strange to suddenly be opening up about your personal story and mission – it feels strange to have to stand up and be ‘seen’ – but this is how to connect with your ideal clients, those who need you.

It might be that you need to work through some of your fears or blocks around being nervous to be visible in this way first before you can go out into the world of the media – but know that your story MATTERS, your voice needs to be heard and you sharing both can change lives xx

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One of the first ways we can help you feel confident in you as an expert and PR friendly spokesperson is to look at yourself through a new lens. That lens is something we create called a Media Bio – this is where you house your story, your business info, your mission and purpose all in one place, as you take a look at yourself from a 360 degree viewpoint. Being in business for 10 years is not what makes you PR-able…..understanding what value you have to share from your life journey overall, and being able to pull from that, and connect it to where you are today is what makes you PR-able -and having this written in a journo friendly way certainly fast tracks your success. 

This is a great way to move you forward a step in being PR ready.

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