This is something that has become more and more apparent to us as we work with more female entrepreneurs – when we chat to new clients about why they haven’t done PR before or why they don’t think it’s previously worked it always comes down to one thing – they felt like they were bluffing it, they felt like they were wining it, they didn’t BELIEVE in their expertise, or in the power of their story …they didn’t BELIEVE they had a voice worth sharing.

Some clients come to us after they have done the work to turn their frowns upside down, once they have changed their mindset to one of belief and confidence – however many come to us whilst they are still battling this and it often a huge part of our work supporting clients to get PR ready by convincing them to back themselves and to have faith that they have valuable skills, knowledge or wisdom to share.

Only when you truly believe that are you PR ready – because THEN you are strong when put in front of a journalist, then you are confident when pitching content, then you are proud of the story or knowledge you have to share.

Crafting a strong story MASSIVELY helps with this. Having a kick-ass media bio MASSIVELY helps with this. It empowers you. If drives you. It inspires you.

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