Lots of work I do focuses on helping female entrepreneurs get visible. This week particularly I’ve been immersed in looking at what needs to go on behind the scenes to get you ready for being visible – what’s really necessary to have ‘in the bag’ before you approach the press, what do you need to have prepared to get press friendly.

From training webinars to teachings within our Dare to Be Seen Programme we’ve been tackling getting ducks in a row – and what rings true is that you’re not media ready if you’re not marketing ready. It’s really quite simple.

So what do I mean by this? Well before you can expect the media to take you seriously you have to take yourself seriously, and by that I mean really KNOW and be able to COMMUNICATE who you really are, what you really offer, and why this is so awesome.

We have had lots of really interesting conversations with women who have been in business for varying lengths of time, realising that they are not clear on their messaging.
They are not:-
* Using power words to describe what they do
* Communicating their passion and purpose
* Connecting their story to their business
* Owning their space in their industry

If you’re not doing this don’t expect the media to jump at the chance of featuring you. Why should they? It is not their job to promote you, it is your job to make them want to.

I KNOW so many of you are doing incredible things – but I also know so many of you are selling yourselves short….
…so I wonder, are you media ready?

To help you nail your pitch and be PR ready for 2020, we are running Elevating You, a Chocolate PR ‘Dare To Be Seen’ event in Leeds on 5th December 2019.