It’s early days – let’s see how we can get you more PR ready.

You are certainly PR-able but we need to get you ready first. Being PR ready takes some prep work, it’s important to get your PR Foundations strong before going out to the press.

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– If you’d like to use the media as a way to spread your message you’ve got to learn to play the PR game, so it’s crucial to be able to communicate WHY you are doing what you are doing, not just WHAT you are doing. We need the journalist to buy into your bigger mission as they are not interested in promoting your products and services. Craft your story, clearly communicate your mission- That’s how you become the most PR-able.

To help you, and the media feel confident in you as an expert and PR friendly spokesperson we recommend creating a Media Bio – this is where you house your story, your business info, your mission and purpose all in one place, as you take a look at yourself from a 360 degree viewpoint. Being in business for 10 years is not what makes you PR-able…..understanding what value you have to share from your life journey overall, and being able to pull from that, and connect it to where you are today is what makes you PR-able -and having this written in a journo friendly way certainly fast tracks your success!

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