There’s nothing better than opening a national magazine and seeing the faces of two of your fabulous clients smiling back at you! Congratulations Caroline Strawson and Lisa Hammond for sharing your story to inspire others.

They owned their story, that’s led them to where they are now in business, and took action, to bag this opportunity when we presented it to them. You might think, but it’s just an article about their personal lives? How will sharing their personal life bring business benefits?

Caroline is a divorce coach talking about the importance of recognising when a marriage has gone wrong and how it is possible to move on.

Lisa is a make-up artist with a passion for helping others suffering from low self-esteem, or mental health struggles, and she shares her own battle.

You can read the full article here –

What will this article achieve for them? Many things….

1. The opportunity for them to talk about their stories more widely – and their stories feed into the businesses they run

2. Credibility with other media as they build upon their PR profile

3. Content to share on social media – to show clients and potential clients they are proud to be visible and are strong women on a mission to inspire others

4. ‘As Seen in Fabulous Magazine’ trust tags to put on their website and marketing – this elevates them over and above their competitors

5. Depth to their business brand, that has been built on the back of their journey

6. It highlights their vulnerability, authenticity, openness and honesty, as well as their strength – all core values of theirs and their brands

7. Reach and exposure – the chance for them to connect with others who they wouldn’t have otherwise got in front of

8. Thousands of pounds of free exposure

9. Potentially open doors for speaking opportunities to further spread their message

10. A keepsake to be proud of

Working with female entrepreneurs is like nothing else. These women are prepared to be real, they are not scared to be honest and vulnerable, and they are absolutely on a mission to stop others suffering as they have. It’s a bloody refreshing change from some of the bull we have been asked to churn out in the past when working with big corporate clients!

Good on you ladies for doing your bit to inspire, motivate and empower others. I’m excited to be right by your side as you use these opportunities to grow your businesses.

This is just the start. Watch this space x

Gill Shaw