Increased self worth + kick ass PR messaging = UNSTOPPABLE.

So as you know this week we have been working on lots of media bios for clients and we talked about the importance of these and of why you need one if you want to get more visible in the press.

BUT – what if you don’t feel ready? What if you ABSOLUTELY believe that you couldn’t write a media bio (or even have us write it for you) as you have nothing to say of any importance.

What if you believe you are not far enough along in your business to create one?

What if you feel that these things are for other successful business owners not for you?

Well – then you are LIMITING yourself and your opportunities, by these limiting beliefs. You are hiding. You are not serving your audience properly as you are not visible enough for them to find or engage with you.

So what’s the answer? We believe its a boost in self worth powered by some kick ass PR messaging.

You see soooo many of our clients come to us initially scared to be seen – yet they know they are meant for more and that it’s their duty to spread their message. So we help them. We help them find confidence, we help be clear on why they are awesome, we create for them pride in their business ….

PR is so much more than just getting in the press. It is transformational for you and your business.

Through our ‘What’s Your Story’ process we work with you to help you identify the parts of your past career and your life experiences are key to communicate as part of your business messaging – and as a result of nailing this clients feel AWESOME!!

Think about what experience you have, what connections you have to your industry, what values you have as a person – have these come from a childhood environment or as a result of personal development, what challenges have you overcome that illustrate your values and have led to your passion and purpose? In answering some of these questions you will start to see that you ARE Awesome, that you do have value to share and that you deserve a kick ass media bio!