I read a FB post last week that I had to share because it resonated with me and I know it will resonate with so many of our clients. It was from Brave Girls Business Club talking about how visibility for many spells VULNERABILITY – as we struggle with the release of letting people see ‘the real us’ – taking the leap to believe in the power of our story and our expertise, rather than calling ourselves frauds or worrying what others think. ⠀

In her group last week I shared my experience of women’s fears of being visible as we discussed the power of PR & the reasons why many think it’s “not for them”.

Sarah said (after offering empathy with those who are struggling with this, and admitting she’s one of them) :-“Let go of your ego – your message is not for you. It’s for all the others who need to hear it. So, get out of your own way and let the message do the talking – you’re just the conduit.”

This is exactly it.

We chatted about how in not being visible we are depriving customers who really need our services of them, and are hugely restricting the impact we’re making. I revealed how many of our clients – indeed, many who featured in our recent showreel enjoying fabulous national press, have overcome fears about putting themselves out there – fears of being vulnerable and attacked for it, or fears of being shown up as a fraud thanks to lovely imposter syndrome. All overcame this to now enjoy the benefits that national PR exposure brings and have seen their credibility sky-rocket – not just in their existing network, but in the eyes of other media, awards bodies, readers of their articles who are potential new customers and also in their own eyes, bringing a new found confidence to push forward.

I’m on a mission to encourage, support and empower women in business who feel they are not worthy of recognition, not strong enough to have a voice, or not knowledgeable enough to share their expertise – to show them they are, and they can, through the power of PR. There’s no point being great in your own bubble.

So let’s make a pact to start being kinder to ourselves & maybe we’ll believe others can find value in what we have to share!