Writing a book or being part of a collaborative book is a process like no other. It’s a chance to spread your message, share your passions, and leave a behind legacy, imparting your wisdom and voice. To win in your field of business, you need to create a following of fans and customers who will love and value YOU and what you have to offer. The momentum for this will be generated through the positive, influential and ultimate value which you can share in every format of your book. Your lessons, blessing, teachings, failures, and successes will all come as the foundation to create long-lasting loyalty and respect in your field of expertise.

YES it’s amazing for PR as it gives you:

  • Something to talk about – Who doesn’t want to share the news that they’ve become a bestselling author?! We have seen so many clients get featured straight away in their local press on the back of their bestselling status.
  • Instant credibility in your field – Becoming a bestselling author gives you instant credibility, helping you put yourself out there as a leader or expert in your field. This credibility can also be a fantastic way to source new opportunities such as public speaking, training events, increased opportunities to reach out to more people, maximise referrals and charge higher fees in alignment with your business goals. Journalists are always on the look out for expert comments so this is an excellent and reputable way in.
  • Ammunition for award entries to show your impact and reach – Having that bestseller status is something that will never go away. Once achieved, you will always be a bestseller and you can always promote this. This status looks incredible on award entries and absolutely shows your impact.

But what this process also brings you is the opportunity to get closer to your story. It takes you on a journey of accepting your story, deciding to thrive on it and use it to empower others – and this is where the real power is. When you’re prepared to share warts and all amazing things happen. You become truly authentic and all about your mission – and this is something your audience will love.

We have loved working with so many inspiring women through Authors & Co and this International Women’s Day we were so proud to support The Woman I’m Becoming, a collaborative book spearheaded by Abi Horne which immediately became a bestseller.


The Woman I’m Becoming brought together female entrepreneurs from across the globe, all of whom are experts in their field, to share their stories, reflections, advice and guidance on subjects from money, health, and relationships to self-worth, wellbeing and authenticity in the aim of inspiring future generations of females.

Abi created this passion project having felt compelled to show young women how to be kinder to themselves, love and value themselves and feel empowered to create the futures they desire and we were thrilled to be able to share this incredible message.