Let’s talk about awards – more specifically winning awards. We’ve won some amazing awards and have helped lots of our clients win lots of awards – and yes this gives us a personal high – but what does it do for them?

You may think it’s just a nice piece of metal to shove on the mantel piece, or that it’s a self indulgent self congratulatory extravagance? Well let us tell you why it’s so much more.

1. Awards provide 3rd party endorsement – something which your audience values highly. It shows them, rather than tells them, that you are amazing. It proves to them they would be wise to invest in you as you’re the best

2. Your award entry is valuable marketing – think about all the info you need to pull together – a strong description of your vision and mission, proof of your successes, the impact your work has had on others, your plans for further world domination – ALL of this is stuff you should be sharing with your audience too

3. When you’re the best you can charge more – so awards also make great commercial sense

4. Don’t forget an award is for life, not just for that moment – you’ll forever be ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ (even if it was in 2006! Make sure it’s splattered across all your marketing so your audience old and new gets this reinforcement of your credibility at every opportunity

5. It provides you with the kick you need to move forward with confidence in your business. Often we are not kind to ourselves, we question our ability, we self-sabotage and suffer imposter syndrome – an award can be a great boost to get you to believe in yourself again.

This is the main reason we help clients win awards – there’s no better feeling than seeing the pride and joy people feel when they have been recognised.

We want to say a huge congratulations to Abigail Tennant who has just been crowned Inspirational Achiever of the Year in the Pitman SuperAchievers Awards!

Abigail said:  “I only went and WON!! Words can not begin to describe the emotions I feel right now all of which are positive of course.  A huge thank you to all who voted, to Authors & Co for supporting me with my #1 best selling book, Jo Swann and team for the opportunities I have been given, my mentor Dave, all the friends and staff I have met through Uni, Northumbria University Mountaineering Society (NUMS), to Karl for being fabulous, to Andy for having my back, to my parents, my kids, my family and friends, and everyone who has been so positive about my plans over the last few years. I will say it again time and time again, you only get out of life what you put into it. Life can be hard but its all about accepting, learning and moving on. Life can be awesome if you want it to be!!! Go live YOUR best life!!! I have a challenging few weeks coming up so this award is just the kick I needed to prove the hard work and persistence is so worth the while! I am beyond grateful and thankful, words can not begin to explain just how much.”