So this rocks and we wanted to share it! … Caroline Strawson our fabulous divorce and break up recovery coach client is THE expert in this article. Caroline hadn’t even launched her business 3 months ago and now she is the ‘go to’ media commentator. A fantastic PR win that we’re proud of. So happy for Caroline!!

Caroline said:


Pleased to be quoted many times for an article in The Express about how children of divorced parents behave within their marriages and when they go onto children.

This article was all about Meghan and Harry and how they will work harder on their marriage knowing the pitfalls of divorce on the children if not handled appropriately and especially being in the public eye 😊

Feeling honoured they chose me to be their expert on this subject as a divorce and positive psychology Coach 🙏

Thanks Jo Swann at ChocPR ❤️

I wanted to let you know that this is in reach for you too, with a few tricks of the trade.

How did she do it?

  • We created her media bio and positioned her as an expert from Day 1
  • We connect her to media opportunities with journalists who trust us
  • The coverage flows in …

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