How ‘Vanilla’ are you? …..Do you really want to blend in?…Do you want to get lost in the sea of other coaches who are all offering the same thing and using the same messaging?
No, I didn’t think so…so why are you not mixing it up a bit in the way you communicate? Why are you not being uniquely you in the way you speak to your audience?
I was having this conversation with a member of our Dare to Be Seen programme yesterday…well in fact it wasn’t a conversation it was ‘a challenge’!…
It’s soooooo easy to follow suit and to fall into the trap of regurgitating what you’ve heard others say. It’s soooo easy to follow the path of picking up the language that is overused in your industry – but what will that achieve?
Nothing. Zip. Zero stand out. You will be lost in sea of sameness.
When you read your own marketing, look at your business and view your messaging from the outside looking in how much of it is REALLY YOU?
How much of it could I read and think it could apply to any other coach, or any other expert in your industry?
How much of it REALLY communicates your values and your personality?
I challenge you to have a look at this today and then have a think about how you could change this up.
My tips:-
  • Have a think about what words you use in your everyday language – and then pull more of these into your marketing so it sounds more like you in genuine conversation
  • Ask your audience what phrases and words they associate with you? Is there something you say a lot? Then use this in your marketing to help define your unique tone
  • Be so clear on your passion and purpose and make this seeps out of all of your comms so we know your message is oozing YOU.
  • Think about what ‘power words’ you can use to showcase your awesomeness – unique, award winning, best-seller – how can you elevate above the rest
I beg you to PLEASE take some time to be more YOU and to find ways to communicate YOU more strongly.
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