So for those of you who saw my announcement yesterday here’s the lowdown! For those who missed it you’ll be wondering WTF (!)…but yes it’s exciting times as I’ve been chosen to be a part of something pretty special, where I get to make an impact on a global scale through using my skills and knowledge. I can’t wait to showcase the power of PR in an environment where it can really truly make a HUGE difference in spreading an important message and mission!

Oh yes, and I get to be on TV! (Ahem, yikes!)

 Apart from as a kid when I wanted to be a Children’s TV presenter for about a week I have never had any desire to be on TV. I can categorically tell you I am not doing this to see my face splattered across the screen (in fact if I watch it back it will be a miracle!!!!) but I see the huge potential in being involved in this. I see that in stepping up, I can achieve more of my mission to empower others with PR and I can showcase to you all, that even as someone who has struggled with owning her place at the top table, it is possible to get to a point of clarity where you KNOW what you need to do next, and you know it needs to be bigger. 

So exciting times – and can’t wait to take you along for the ride!

Here’s a bit of a rundown of what’s involved in the show 🙂 

If you could save the world in 4 days, would you?

I am thrilled to announce that I’ve been chosen to be a participant in Season 2 of the innovative and forward-thinking TV show, The Social Movement (TV Series) – TSM #thesocialmovement. I will be teamed up with visionaries to engineer financially viable solutions to solve these global social issues (and more): end cyberbullying, reinvent the education system, cure cancer, end poverty, end suicide, empower women. We have 4 days to create a business plan and pitch it to investors and viewers to get our mission funded. Our ideas will help change the world by solving a social issue that impacts millions of people.

It’s a big ask – but when you believe the impossible is possible magic happens! Watch this space!!! 


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