“So….I’m back and soooo ready to help more female entrepreneurs raise their profile this year as I have time to reflect on the amazing impact we have been making!” A message from Chocolate PR’s founder, Jo Swann….

“I am sooooo excited to have had a day to myself today to lay a few plans for the coming months and start to get my head around how I can make maximum impact with my time working with female entrepreneurs this year. I’ve loved becoming a new mum again (mostly!) but anyone who knows me knows how I have been itching to get back into the swing of things, back at the forefront of raising the profile of the amazing women we work with.”


Having had some time out I have been pondering during those 3am feeds how I can add more value, how I can further support women who are really ready to up-level this year and I’m excited to let you know I am going to be offer a handful of 121 mentoring sessions.

I LOVE seeing the transformation of women who don’t believe they have a story to tell; of women who are scared to share their story; of women who don’t believe they are worthy of national press alongside those who know they have more to give, more impact to make, if only they can reach a wider audience. ⠀

I have seen ALL these types of female entrepreneur benefit and indeed flourish from achieving press exposure and for those who feel they’d value a bit of extra handholding and who would appreciate having someone there to guide them, inspire them, and educate them, so they can learn skills for life I’m excited to work closely with a select few to personally coach and mentor them through this process.

As a team at Chocolate PR we are also rolling out some group training programmes as well as more ways you can work with us on PR campaign work – so watch this space.

It’s going to be a full-on year and we hope you’ll come along for the ride! ⠀