Do you feel that you could be ‘too much for some people’ ? That your strong character isn’t always an advantage and it’s sometimes better to ‘dull down’ to fit in? Please DON’T! We love Stacey Wilkinson’s excitement for her recent PR win!

It was important to us that this piece illustrated Stacey’s true character, even if that strong will and a traditional media outlet don’t seem to mix… We went for authenticity and it rang true. They loved the piece and, all credit to them, showcased Stacey’s story just as it should be – using her own words and language. They loved the piece because it was from the heart, it was real, it was her.

‪This is how it made Stacey feel: ‪“I’ve had my first article published on an academia site. Me! Didn’t actually think they’d use it as my style isn’t exactly ‘government-friendly’ – but they have and I’m chuffed. The piece details my thoughts on why the tech world is largely dominated by men.”

PR is all about sharing your story, sharing your authentic voice and staying true to yourself – whoever that may be. Everybody is ‘PR-able’ because YOU are your brand, YOU are the story and YOU have the knowledge and the expertise to share. Don’t be afraid to share your true self, this is what will get you noticed.