Chocolate PR – Raising the Bar

So – the time has come people for Chocolate PR to have a bit of a facelift…,not that I’m getting old (!) but the business has been running for 15 years and the brand has been the same from day 1. It has served us well and was pretty different at the time but as we look forward to big growth this year it’s now time for a change in how the brand is visualised.

So – you’ll notice a fresh new look from now on – as we bring a bit of sparkle to your day, and launch our commitment to ‘Raising the Bar’.

I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses over the last few years and love the variety of working with a huge PLC and the next day working with a female entrepreneur just starting up. We’ve created several award-winning campaigns and trained people globally on how to harness the power of PR.

This year it’s my mission to focus on knowledge sharing, and our new strapline, ‘Raising the Bar’ has lots of significance.

One of the reasons I set up Chocolate PR all those years ago was due to being disillusioned with the industry and frustrated by the amount of bad practice I saw. PR is an industry that is misunderstood and certain ways of working just don’t do its rep any favours. I was determined to create an agency that came from a passion of wanting to get people to fall in love/back in love with PR – and to try to give its reputation as a whole a positive boost.

We have many happy clients who feel we’ve achieved this, who now have a love for PR as an essential element of their marketing mix. Hear from Catherine from Girl Tribe Gang. 

This year I felt it was time to spread the PR love even further and there are a few ways I’m going to make this happen:-
• 121 PR Coaching and Mentoring (link)
I have committed to 2018 being a year where I personally support 100 small businesses, through PR coaching and mentoring, all of whom will become graduates of the ‘PR- You Can Do It!’ Pro-gramme and members of my ‘100 Club’.
Give me a shout today if you’d like to be a part of this. You tap into my 20 years of PR and journalism knowledge and get 121 PR Director support, and can get involved with just 1 hour of your time.

PR Training Workshops
As well as the 121 work throughout the year I will also run group PR workshops, teaching the basics of how to get in the press for free, helping you to understand what PR is any how you can use it in your small business. Keep in touch via our newsletter to be alerted of the next dates.

• Online PR Courses
This is the year my advice starts to stretch more widely, as I am rolling out online PR courses, based on our ‘PR- You Can Do it!’ modules. Covering how to find your story, how to get in the press for free, how to communicate with the media, and how to develop PR strategies these courses will see me guide you through how you can use PR in your business. With video guides, workbooks and templates the courses are packed full of tips and tricks and knowledge I’ve gained over the last 20 years. If you like to be alerted when this is launched in the near future just email to make sure you get sent the info -and bag yourself an early bird discount!

• VIP PR You Can Do It Facebook Group 
As part of my ‘PR- You Can Do It!’ – programme we have also launched a closed VIP Facebook community, as an extra layer of support for all who complete the modules. Free to clients this is a place to connect with me personally via Facebook Lives and weekly discussions, benefit from us presenting live PR opportunities and learn from each other’s challenges and learnings. It is currently invitation only but will be opened up later this year on a membership basis. Please let me know if you’d be interested in this.

Having worked in an industry for so long you can start to feel like you hit burnout – my answer to this is push for more, and make more impact. I’m really excited for this year, and to see how many businesses I can help raise their to grow and thrive, through raising their profile and getting them the visibility they deserve.

Exciting times! I hope you’ll join me at some point along the way 🙂

P.S Our new brand strapline Raising the Bar does also give us an excuse to celebrate our client successes and we can assure you we’re very good at doing this also! Here’s to a fun 2018!!