As part of our commitment to International Women’s Day this year and its theme of ChoosetoChallenge we are on a mission to challenge the media to represent more of the unsung heroes of the online entrepreneurial world  – and simultaneously challenge more ‘kitchen table’ business owners to stand up and be counted.

We are challenging the media to make a change, and commit to being more representative of online business owners in the wider media landscape, so that a wider selection of voices are being heard, on subjects that matter.

We are looking for 100 female-run online business owners to share their mission messages with us – as part of our ‘Hundred Club’ directory, we are compiling to issue to the BBC, Sky News, and other major news outlets – to provide them with experts who can share their voices, knowledge, and stories, to bring more diversity to the conversations they are hosting.

These100 female entrepreneurs will cover a variety of subject areas, to give the media a ready-made resource of new voices to share.

So far this year at Chocolate PR we have already secured millions of pounds of PR for our clients who have been featured in national magazines, newspapers, podcasts, TV, radio interviews, and online news sites.

Chocolate PR’s focus is on shining a light, celebrating, and showcasing women in business in the online space – many of whom have quite high flying corporate careers to create passion-fuelled businesses.

This year we are determined to help thousands of more women come out from behind their laptops to celebrate their achievements.

Jo Swann, Founder of Chocolate PR said: “Each and every day I meet incredible women who are doing amazing things, having created businesses from scratch that are passion-driven. Often their business stems from teaching others what they have learned in overcoming challenges and adversity. They are helping transform lives, they are making a real difference with their work – however, they are not really being seen. Often this stems from a fear of being seen, having been in a prestigious corporate role where they have been hidden behind the brand of the business and often discouraged from sharing their own voices. Often it comes from a fear of the media and a belief that you have to be a ‘big’ player to be taken seriously. This frustrates me and I think it comes from the fact that often in the press when business analysis is called for we see the same big names being quoted – the businesswomen who are well known, the ones with well-known brands and businesses – and this makes the newer female entrepreneurs feel like there is no place for their voice- yet these are women who are tirelessly showing up for their audiences online, often every day, juggling kids, home life and a new business. They are the ones getting no government support as they have no premises. They are the ones being creative to keep their business thriving, and often these women are running 6 figure businesses – but yet they are still hidden in the wider world – I am on a mission to change this”.

Chocolate PR is creating their Hundred Club with no direct fee charged to those featured in the directory, but are asking for a donation to The Prince’s Trust, as they also commit to supporting their Women Supporting Women mission, to provide the right help to nurture, empower and inspire young women to build their own futures through employment, self-employment, education or training.

Terms of Use

  • Entry is based on an application process and we reserve the right to choose who is featured
  • Inclusion does require a £50 donation to Prince’s Trust
  • Once the directory is submitted there is no opportunity to edit your entry
  • We commit to creating the directory, and issuing this to national media, for no fee to Chocolate PR
  • Once the content is submitted to the media they may choose to contact those featured directly for further content/quotes, with no costs associated
  • Once the content is submitted to the media journalists may choose to contact Chocolate PR to manage the process of facilitating further content from a member. If this is the case you can choose whether or not to progress with our support, for a fee. Fees are as follows £100+VAT charged if the opportunity leads to local media or online coverage with a small title; £200+ VAT if the opportunity leads to national coverage. This kind of exposure would usually cost thousands.

To apply fill in the application form here –