As many of you know I love working with a certain type of client, in fact we have a screening process these days that helps us establish if a client is a good fit for us. I’m done with working with people who have no desire to be individual, who want to ‘fit in’ to an industry image, who simply prefer to exist rather than lead the way and differentiate. A business driven by passion and a sense of individuality is a business I can work with and I love working with business owners and marketing teams committed to illustrating this passion and bringing it to life.

Not everyone finds it easy to do this for themselves. Often we meet teams who are sat on a great business, that really could make an impact in its market, but they struggle to get their message across. No disrespect to them, marketing just isn’t their bag – but if they recognise this and have a desire to be more creative, we can help.

We’ve recently worked with this company, Talent Acumen – a team who truly are shaking up the market with several elements of their approach. They are doing things differently and deserve to stand out, but their website and communications sold them them short. Going from what everyone else in the industry settles for, to something with real character will serve them well (bottom image to top image) and we’re excited to see the impact of their refreshed identity.

It’s fair to say they are pretty chuffed with their new image…we have encouraged them ‘to be a voice not an echo’, and that’s the secret.

So how do we get to this point? Communications strategies sit behind any big changes, but in a nutshell this is the approach we take.

– We ask for clients to be open to new ideas and creativity

– We undertake a review of their current communications Vs competitors

– We run a workshop to get under the skin of their brand values

– We supply a communications report with revised content to reflect their real essence

– We re-write website content and collateral to align with the above, working with designers on imagery and brand id

– We create a plan of how they are going to communicate their brand values on an ongoing basis and make their customers sit up and take notice

You might think this is not what PR agencies do? But we are a communications agency – we work to help people tell their story, and to communicate their messages more effectively so this kind of work perfectly fits our skills.

This kind of work I love and this approach can add real value to brands.

Who do you know who has a business not a brand? A company with great services, knowledge and a superstar team, that are selling themselves short? We’d love to chat to them to see if we can help them grow their business.