Are you proud of your business? …. I mean really? Are you proud to front it or feel uncomfortable as a ‘Director’ or to be labelled as en Entrepreneur? Are you ready to be seen, or do you fear visibility?

Do you glow with pride when people tell you how amazing you are, or do you quietly die inside thinking…if only they knew…?

If it’s the latter you are most definitely not alone!

When you’re sat around a dinner table and the conversation turns to work, do you feel excited to share all you have achieved, or do you cringe as you put on your best act and tell them what they want to hear – you’re smashing it, you’re loving it, life is great.

What they don’t know is how many unpaid hours you worked last week. What they don’t know is how scary your cash flow is. What they don’t know is you feel a failure. …not all the time and not a huge big fat failure, just a frustrated failure. You realise you have achieved SOME stuff, however it’s not enough, you’re not where you SHOULD be after all this time and effort and this makes you feel a bit yack. It makes you feel embarrassed and maybe even a bit ashamed….so you create a bad energy and things don’t really change…

This is NOT a good place to be is it? It is NOT fun and it is NOT fulfilling. At this point raising your profile and increasing your visibility feels like a terrible idea, but do you know what…it’s the best thing you can do.

How do I know? Because this was me and I’ve been there. The feeling of incompleteness, of being on the tip of something but not quite getting there has frustrated the hell out of me….and it made me hide. Not completely hide as I was out there doing business, but hide in the sense that I was not standing up to be counted. I was not placing myself alongside those in my industry really smashing it – I was just letting them take the whole pie….why didn’t I grab a piece of it? -because I thought they were better than me, they we more polished, more engaging, more confident so how could I play in the same field?

Then something changed. I was made to realise that I was self-sabotaging. I was made to realise I was belittling myself due to crappy self worth. I was made to realise my experience is VAST and what I have to offer clients is HUGELY valuable….and I was made to realise I was getting in my own way of the future growth I craved. How do you go about fixing such negative habits?… Erase the word SHOULD out of you vocab! Very wise words @Andrea Callanan 😘

I stopped thinking in terms of where I should be, of what should have happened so far, of what I should have done and you know what happened? All of a sudden I had a HUGE shift. I felt ready. I felt driven. I felt confident and was ready to say F••k It!

When you say F••k It! – doors open. Exciting things happen and momentum drives you on. I have not only seen this in my own experience but in those of clients.

We have soooo many clients bursting with amazing stories, but held back from the fear of being visible, for many of the reasons stated above. When they’ve found a way to get through this and taken hold of their story, or owned the knowledge they have to share and get their first article in the paper, get their views across on the radio, or get featured in a guest blog – guess how they feel? Proud and inspired.

This feeling of pride is worth a $million …and it’s your route to getting on the path to making the money and impact you dream of – as the first step to getting there is daring to be seen.

I hope you won’t wait as long as I did before you make the change and do yourself and your business proud.

I’m delighted to be able to support other women who feel like this with our unique new PR programme starting in Sept – Dare to Be Seen, which also features the amazing Andrea. In it we help break the barriers you’ve been putting up, so you can embrace having more of a voice in your industry – empowering you to explore PR and create a profile to be proud of. It starts in September and the waiting list is now open. Take a look? x 🔥