Join us on a FREE webinar to help you kick off 2019 on a high…get your head in the right space NOW to ensure you waste no time when 2019 arrives. This year isn’t done yet – there’s still time to use it to really help you gear up for growth next year.

You asked….we delivered!

You said:-

I’m not sure if PR is for me. I’m not sure I’m media ready. I don’t really know if I can use PR being the type of business I am….I wouldn’t know where to start.

Now I wish I’d have got to grips with this this year, as I’ve seen competitors in the press and I know I should be there too! I’d like to be there in 2019!

We are VERY excited to invite you to our ‘6 Steps to the Press Saying YES!’ Webinar 💥

Here’s Jo with her personal invite for you to join her 🙂

Many female entrepreneurs we’ve worked with this year are just like you. They are not 6 figure business owners yet, but they are working on it! As they launch their businesses, or work on growing them to 5K+ income months they get their heads down and get on with the day to day ‘stuff’ that makes their business work. 

But how are they, and indeed you, going to up-level the business if you are not investing any time in telling people about how amazing you are? Or you are not sharing your mission as wide as possible, exciting your audience and showcasing to them the impact you are making? How are you going to reach more people to gain higher income levels, how are you going to put your prices up if you don’t have the credibility yet, how are you going to create inbound leads if you don’t have the visibility?

Gaining exposure in the press can help with all this and what I’m here to tell you is that the opportunities ARE open to YOU. You can start 2019 on a high by taking a little time now to understand how the press works before the year’s out.

Webinar date: Thursday 13th December 1.45pm – 2.15pm

It’s for you if you’re:-

  • Interested in PR and how it could help you grow your business 
  • New to PR and want to understand some basics around how it all works
  • On a mission to make an impact and need to share this with more people
  • Ready to up-level in 2019 and be recognised for your skills and expertise
  • Ready to get in front of a larger audience
  • Excited about generating business growth in 2019
  • Ready to attract new clients
  • Passionate about helping others through your own experiences
  • Knowledgeable in your industry and ready to be be respected as an expert in your field

Is it time you were in media such as ….




We’ll dive into:-

  • Understanding PR and how it works so you can get to grips with how journalists think
  • The importance of nailing your PR friendly story
  • Ways to write press friendly content
  • How to identify media opportunities
  • Tips and tricks on how to ‘court’ the media
  • How you can open yourself up to media requests