015 Being Playful with PR – Using Awareness Days and Diary Dates To Get Press Coverage

by | Nov 8, 2021 | Podcast

Being playful with PR – How to use Awareness Days and Diary Dates to get Press Coverage

Awareness days and diary dates are a PR Godsend – in fact many are created by PRs in the first place. When looking to get media coverage one of the rules of the game is to provide timely, topical press friendly content. Awareness days and diary dates hand this to us on a plate…

From a PR perspective these are gold – as it’s often a way media plan topical content into their schedules – they know these days are coming up so they plan to create content around them… .if you can provide them with ready made content on given subject, that’s their job done right – BIG TICK.

In this episode we talk about

– Why Awareness days and diary dates can create easy PR wins
– How having fun with PR helps you to stand out
– Some PR in action when this has recently worked like a dream!

I also share with you some dates coming up this month you could explore if you are a female entrepreneur on a mission to raise your profile through sharing your story or your knowledge.

Extra links to usual A list of Awareness Days across the next 12 months – https://www.awarenessdays.com/
Our 8 Week PR Accelerator – Dare to Be Seen – https://www.chocolatepr.co.uk/dare-to-be-seen/
Sarah’s Candle business – The Bay Tree – https://www.instagram.com/thebaytree52/
Sarah – The Children’s Nutritionalist https://www.childrensnutrition.co.uk/
Kim -Mind & Money Matters – https://www.mymoneymovement.co.uk/


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