013 Brand You And Value Based PR

by | Oct 25, 2021 | Podcast

In today’s episode, we are going to be talking about YOU! I know this doesn’t always feel natural
for everyone and my God I know what it feels like to feel uncomfortable around this but today we’re
talking about ‘Brand You’ and what this means in a PR context.
Often as female entrepreneurs when we are startups we go ALL in focusing on our business –
obsessing almost around what the right products and services are we need to create, what kind of
website we need, what marketing we need to do – we get wrapped up in trying to make everything
appear ‘perfect’ – but this means we often forget to stop and ask ourselves if we are being true to
ourselves in all of this. If we are creating a business that we actually love, that truly reflects us and
our values.
As we talk about whether or not you are really showcasing the real you through your brand I also
share with you why I believe value based Public Relations is so powerful.

In This Episode I discuss:
How to reconnect with your values and your mission in your business
How to challenge yourself and the content you are creating – asking ‘Is this brand me?’
Why your PR story is an essential part of value based PR
The need to stand proud as you to stand out in PR

When you truly authentically communicate your values in PR this is when you attract media
opportunities to help spread your message – and when you feel so much more aligned with your
business as a whole, making it easier for your ideal clients to connect with you. Win win right?!

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