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The Brief

Gina’s brief to us was ‘Can you help me launch my business? She was just embarking on her journey to self-employment and was telling us all about her new business idea – she didn’t realise what a gem of a PR story she had, but she put her trust in us and briefed us to help her bring her story to life.

She needed to be able to do this on a budget, and she was keen to understand the PR process.

“PR made me visible in the press with a positive message about my services from the outset, which was so important, and it launched my business…. it got me clients right from the off in my first week of trading.”

Gina Easom

Founder, Holla & Heard

The Strategy

Gina’s business is focused around supporting women who have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol – we’re not talking alcoholics but successful businesswomen who sometimes let alcohol into their lives a little too often, or in a way that has a negative impact on their overall wellbeing.

Gina had already decided to launch the business around Alcohol Awareness Week (so she did have a PR head even if she didn’t realise it!) but after that she was stuck. Our strategy was to take Gina through our ‘PR- You Can Do It!’ Training modules to help her a) understand the power of PR and b) learn how to harness it.

We covered ‘What’s Your Story’ which pulled out the human interest angles that really flew across all press – these were things Gina herself would never dreamt of putting in a press release but were so crucial to her story. Then we covered ‘Writing Your Press Release’ and created a powerful release together that encapsulated all her USPs and made a very compelling read and followed this up with our ‘Approaching the Media’ Module which looked at the best routes into her key media targets.

Featured Media

The Results

When Gina has completed all the modules, over just a couple of weeks, she set about to generating herself some press around her new business launch. She was blown away by the results which saw her featured in all her key local press – her key targets. A full page spread in the Yorkshire Post, an interview on BBC Radio Leeds and a regional TV interview meant she’d hit her top 3 targets, along with many more.

Gina was delighted that all the press successfully communicated her business in the right context, and helped her to inform and educate her potential audiences with her defined key messages. She was also delighted to have reached thousands of potential clients, and received thousands of pounds worth of press exposure, for just a few hundred pounds investment – which has also set her up to enable her to take on any future PR opportunities independently.

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