Deluxe Blooms

The Brief

Deluxe Blooms had an opportunity to maximise on a PR opportunity after being approached by the BBC, due to her being a Not on the High Street retailer. She knew this was a chance to raise her profile and so started to explore how she could milk this – but she didn’t realise that through using the BBC exposure as her hook she’d uncover many more opportunities to tell her story in a range of press.

“I never thought my story was that interesting – I certainly hadn’t considered telling it to the press – now I can see a PR story a mile off and really appreciate the power of PR for my business – it has provided me with a national profile and a huge boost in sales!”

Danielle Bolser

Founder, Deluxe Blooms

The Strategy

We worked with Dani to make it known that she was being featured on national BBC TV telling her story of being a working mum who established her business out of a need to create her own career opportunities, having struggled to find flexible working or a role that would make her happy. Harnessing her creative side Dani connected a passion to a business idea – and off she went. We worked with Dani to write up all these elements of her story, to create more profile opportunities and to get her recognised nationally for an innovative brand.

Elements included:-

  • What’s your story – drilling down to get under the skin of her personal story as well as the business one
  • Telling your story – we worked with Dani to write a press release that was then issued to multiple media outliets
  • Connecting you to the media  – we provided Dani with local and national media contact details so she could introduce the brand, to key media targets
  • Providing press office support

Featured Media

PR can see you featured in these kind of media titles…

The Results

Dani has featured in several of her local and regional press with her story, thus raising her profile locally and attracting inbound interest, but the power came when she was quoted in The Guardian, thus increasing her national sales by 70%.

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