What's Your Story?

How to Find & Craft Your Story


Grab your FREE ‘What’s Your Story’ guide now so you can learn the basic things that the media need to know about you, and craft your story like a pro to help you nail your story across ALL areas of your marketing. 

How you talk about yourself and your business becomes a part of your brand identity. It helps people form opinions of you as your communications influence your audience’s perception. Carefully crafting your messaging puts you more in control of other peoples’ views and opinions of you – rather than leaving them to their own devices. It will help across soooo many areas of your business.


  • If you are interested in using your story to get into the media this workbook is for you
  • If you are interested in nailing your story better for your marketing comms this workbook is for you

With these questions you have the opportunity to dig deep and challenge yourself around how well you are communicating your message. However far down the line in business you are there is ALWAYS room for improvement in this area. 


It can be really hard to get up close and personal with yourself so we’ve created a guide that takes you through key questions, written from a journalistic perspective, that will prompt you to think about the key areas.


It’s for you if…


  You want to Nail Your Story 

  Want to increase your chances to get into the Press

 You want to talk about yourself in a way that relates to your Brand

 You have a story that you know can help others

 You appreciate the value of featuring in the press but have no idea where to start

 You’re getting in your own way stunting your business growth and you’re sick of it!

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