Victoria Lofthouse
When I came to the programme my confidence for various reasons was at rock bottom and I was doing everything I could to avoid being visible - that has all changed now! I signed up following meeting Jo and discovering the importance of PR in another group. I have always hidden away behind my logo and brand and it was time to uplevel and get visible in my business. I just loved Jo's energy and knew after my first call that she was the right person to help me shine a light on my story and my business. I loved the support from other members, and both Jo's. I loved the guests in the group, it was really helpful to identify those areas of why I was hiding. The depth of content was excellent and the learning objectives really clear. I have now been published in national media and it feels amazing - this has also given me the confidence to really show up in my business and push forward with new services and charging my worth - I am now excited about getting even more visible - people will be sick of the sight of me lol