‘PR with Purpose’….

Having been reflecting on what we offer at Choc PR -and how easy/hard we make it for you to access support that’s perfectly matched to your business stage we’ve taken a good hard look at our services and overhauled the lot! I can’t tell you how great this feels to have such clarity!

We have 3 very specific clients:-

1. The Start Up Business Owner

The Start Up Business Owner has just leapt from corporate to follow her dream but is new to business and is still finding her feet in terms of how to promote her services – she might be pre-launch, ready to launch or even a year or 2 post ‘launch’ – but likely she’s not told the world loudly and proudly about her mission with this business and what she’s here to do – or why she is an expert to do such a thing. She certainly hasn’t used the media to spread her message. She may be feeling a little uneasy about being visible or experiencing Imposter Syndrome since entering the new entrepreneurial world/online space and is lacking in confidence when it comes to owning her expertise, despite having YEARS of credentials behind her and a shit tonne of life experience that will help guide others. She needs to dare to be seen, but is a little scared to be seen. She needs to launch with PR!

2. The Scale Up Business Owner

The Scale Up Business Owner has been in business for a couple of years or so and is doing well. She’s replaced her employed income and has found a business model that is working -she’s now excited for more and is ready to scale up. At this point she’s realised it’s time to play bigger, time to step up the visibility and credibility to enable faster business growth, and to elevate herself so she can raise prices, be more magnetic to higher ticket clients and own her space as a leader in her field. She is seeing others in her space in the media, on stages or winning awards as an expert and she KNOWS she should be up there too – but isn’t quite sure how to go about it, and doesn’t know how to leverage the power of PR to enable all this to happen. She needs Scale Up PR!

,3. The Speak Up Business Owner

The Speak Up Business Owner has a strong business, at the 6 figure mark or beyond, or heading fast towards this. She has a loyal following and is recognised as an expert in her field. She has a mission, a message and a story that she is happy to share, and often does on socials, and she may have had the odd piece of press coverage here or there but knows she hasn’t powerfully tapped into the media strategically to leverage it. She might have won a few awards but deserves more. She wants to change the world and needs a bigger platform to do it on. She is an influencer in her field, whether she realises it or not and needs to walk the walk of her mission in more ways now, using the power of the press to elevate her profile. She needs Speak Up PR!

Which one are you? We’ve got something for all of you!

If you’d like my help working out which one you are fill in this form and I’ll point you in the right direction! https://forms.gle/2S6ve6HS8QrBLLjJ9

I hope these different pathways might open a door for you to step into the powerful world of PR! Let’s get you seen!! Tell me which one you are and I’ll make sure you get directed to the right services.

Let me know what you’re thinking – I would LOVE to support you. If you have any questions please feel free to email jo@chocolatepr.co.uk

With love

Jo x