Your Online Profile

Online, there’s no place to hide, from a corporate or personal perspective. Make sure “Brand You” is professionally positioned – see our profile writing packages.

There’s no denying that a huge proportion of research is now done online. We check out companies before we approach them, we check out individuals before we meet them. Whilst google always made this possible, social media has provided a much richer bank of content online now, so we can find out more, about more, more easily.

It’s no longer acceptable to purely rely on your website as your source of information. Potential customers and business contacts are now more interested to find out what others think about you, than just relying on what you say about yourself.

If you’ve got a good business this is a great opportunity – online news stories, LinkedIn profiles, twitter feeds and facebook pages all make for great media outlets. Feed this content and it will create a dynamic impression of your business.

Delegate the online presence of “Brand You” to Chocolate PR’s digital media team. We’ll ensure your online profile is representing you the way it should be.

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>Talk to us about Online Content Plans: Let us work with your team to establish key themes for the next few months and create an online content plan that maps out key topics for your social media posts to cover. This can be done weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Online Content Plans from £350 per quarter

LinkedIn Profiles

It is crucial to ensure your LinkedIn profile is doing you justice…are you happy it is? Could it do with a professional update…

It’s very difficult to write about yourself in a way that truly does you justice – that’s why it’s much easier if you let us do it!

Talk to us about LinkedIn Profile Writing:

We can professionally write your profile, fully optimised with keywords to ensure your business contacts find you on LinkedIn, but also get the right impression first time.

We can also help you keep on top of updating it and linking it to other social media platforms.

LinkedIn is a powerful business tool that a large proportion of people now use on a daily basis – make sure you’re not missing out on business by being on the sidelines.

LinkedIn Profile Writing: £99 each or £150 for 2 colleagues, or an individual and company page.

Twitter for Business

Twitter is a great resource, a great news feed and a great conversational channel…

We can set you up on twitter.
Basic page set up £100 or designed page set up £300

We can teach you how to use twitter – It’s not a channel for idle conversation, it’s a medium that’s fantastic for:-
a) pointing to other content
b) replying to other’s content
c) engaging with conversations
d) sourcing information
We can show you how to use twitter either 121 or in a group workshop, we can look after your twitter presence as part of monthly PR/Social Media support.

We have social media teams both in our Leeds and London offices.

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Facebook Business Pages

Facebook Business Pages are a useful medium for updating customers and potential customers on what’s going on in your business, or with your product or service.

Facebook pages give you a platform to-
a) Publish news
b) Interact with customers
c) Gain reviews
d) Promote events
e) Showcase press coverage
..and much much more

It is most likely that your customers are on facebook, and they are using it in their daily lives, so why not go to them, and communicate to them in this evironment, rather than always trying to push them towards your website.

Create a community for all your customers to share views, experiences and opinions and they will also benefit from this added value.

You can set up a simple basic page for starters, then once you have a real plan of how you’d like to use facebook to engage with your audiences you might look at adding apps and rich content, to provide useful, interesting, engaging content for your fans.

Consumer brands are finding all manner of ways to get under the skin of their customers via facebook, but have to be constantly on their toes due to the changes that facebook regularly makes on how consumers view content.

> Here’s an interesting article from Leeds Digital Marketing Agency Coolpink to shed a bit of light on how brands and facebook can live in harmony…