'Skyrocket Your Success' Masterclass

A FREE Chocolate PR Event

Date: Monday, 8th September, 8pm – 9pm,

Venue: The Comfort of Your Own Home

Price: £ FREE

2020 isn’t over yet…

We know some of you wish to bury this year as quickly as possible – but others are experiencing their best business months ever….

2020 is NOT done – but to end on a high it requires action

To get booked up with ideal clients, and to get the cash rolling in you GOTTA GET VISIBLE

There is HUGE opportunity online right now but are you ready to seize it?

Are you 100% confident on your messaging

Do you have the credibility you deserve, to give clients confidence to invest in you?

Do you know HOW to stand out in the online space?

Or could you do with a little help?

LET’S shake things up for Q4 

Sharing what we know…

This FREE Masterclass is our way of offering this help – of sharing with you how you CAN increase your confidence, credibility and cash before the year is out.

In it you will learn:

Why you are holding yourself back from the success you crave

3 things you need to explode your online business success

How PR can help you unlock confidence, credibility and cash

 How to say goodbye to your limiting beliefs



New Years are full of promise – and opportunity, a time for new plans, new beginnings and new focus – and we’ve all heard that September is the new New Year! We certainly feel it and are feeling excited for what’s to come. If you’re feeling like this too you’re going to love this.

But if instead you are feeling frustrated that you are not on track with your targets, and are suffering a confidence blip, not feeling good enough and wondering whether you are really cut out for this business world, then you are going to love this even more, as it’s time to take some action, with a friendly helping hand.

Learn from us…

Jo Swann

Jo Swann

The Founder of Chocolate PR, Jo Swann is here to share with you her personal experiences as a business owner of 15 years growing a brand, along with her and her team’s experience of supporting hundreds of women just like you.

Jo is an award-winning PR Director, on a mission to empower more female entrepreneurs to ‘be seen’ to help grow their credibility and visibility, to supercharge their business. 

Jo is an expert in unlocking the power of telling your story and helping you connect to your passion and purpose to drive your business forward is what excites her. With previous big brand experience, she has worked with the likes of Whistles, Yo! Sushi and Dale Carnegie but her passion now is in supporting female entrepreneurs.

Jo Maloney

Jo Maloney

Jo is joined by her wing woman Jo Maloney – a communications expert of over 15 years, who uses her expertise daily as part of her support to our clients to generate incredible opportunities for them to share their stories and their expertise. 

Loved by all clients, and described as ‘a warm supportive hug!’ Jo also combines her other specialist area – mindset coaching –  to ensure we go that extra mile with our clients, helping them not only understand how to get visible but holding their hand on their journey too, when fears of stepping up raise their ugly heads.

Jo is. an expert in helping female entrepreneurs to tap into their stories in a way that feels right for them, so they can communicate what makes them special, with confidence.


 What you will conquer

In this webinar you will learn:

  The power of preparing to be different

  Why your audience needs you to stand out

  How to get off the ground with your PR journey

Trust us when we say this is not something to be missed. Throughout Covid, we have seen INCREDIBLE growth from our clients who have embraced both personal growth and business growth.

Clients came to us stuck, not achieving the success they wanted. They wanted more and knew they deserved it but were struggling with either not having the confidence or tools, or both, that would help them achieve it.

They learnt, they actioned, they soared – and this is what we want for you.

No more hiding, and making excuses. No more listening to that chimp on your shoulder holding you back. It’s time for you to own your worth this year – to enable your business to really thrive, to give you the lifestyle you deserve and the impact you desire.

Let’s end 2020 by striving forward with credibility, confidence and cash so you can achieve the success you want, but are currently blocking…


This is for you if …

You want to reach more ideal clients 

You want to make more money this year

 You’re ready to make more impact

You want more confidence in your awesomeness

You want more ease and flow with your marketing

You know it’s time to stop playing small – but this scares you


This is Exactly What I Need!

Did you know that:

  It’s very common for women to doubt their accomplishments and have a persistent internalised fear of being exposed as a “fraud

 An estimated 70 percent of people will experience this at least once in their lives

You are not alone if you feel like this –
so it’s time to stick together and help each other through this.

Is this you? 


You are watching from the sidelines as others in your industry soar

 You feel angry with yourself for your lack of growth

You dream of the day when business is easier


This is Exactly What I Need!


How about this…?

How about we show you how you can feel:-

More confident

More credible

More deserving of cash


So you can turn this year into the one that really counts?

Are You In?

We’re on a mission to help YOU get more visible in 2020 so you can make more money and make more impact in your field.

* Numbers are limited- don’t miss out *


This is Exactly What I Need!


And the BONUS…

At the end of the session we’ll show you how to get published in the press by the end of the week! Position yourself as an expert with 1 simple task…

Don’t miss that!


This is Exactly What I Need!