Roll up roll up! Exciting opportunity right here for any of you who still haven’t dabbled in PR!

We are dedicating a whole week to helping you get to grips with DIY PR.

The Chocolate PR team will be popping up in here regularly during our DIY PR Week, on a mission to help you get comfortable with the idea that you ARE PR Ready.

We’ll be delivering live training and sharing with you our tips and advice on how you can get yourself PR Ready, so you can enjoy the benefits of featuring in the media.

We’ll take you through 3 days of live tasks, to enable you to put our advice into practice, and we’re on hand to feedback, and support you as you explore what’s needed to become press-ready.

By the end of it, you’ll see how PR can be within reach, right now, not in a year, not when you make 10K months, or more, not when you’ve got another qualification – RIGHT now – and that’s pretty damn exciting!


This is for you if…

You like to take action but so far have taken NO action around PR

You are ready to raise the bar with your visibility

You believe you have value to share

You want to get under the skin of PR and start to believe it could be for you

You don't want to hang around any longer watching others be the stars of the show

You’d like to grab your first media ' As Seen in' trust tag

If media trust tags are on your mission board this year, if spreading your message further and wider to make more impact is a goal of yours, if seeing your name in print in your favourite magazine would make your year you’re gonna need to come and hang out here! – because this is how you get started …

 BURSTING with value, insights, and guidance it is our mission to get you PR confident by the end of the week! You know we don’t mess around, and we won’t be holding back. 

You’ll be getting LOADS of the good stuff here and we hope you’ll come and join us so we can really play out our mission this year of helping more women in business share their voices – in the wider world – FURTHER THAN JUST EXISTING FACEBOOK BUBBLES! XX


This is for you if you want to get in the press but it’s SPECIFICALLY for you if

You like to take action

You know you have more to give

You’re a new business

You’re 1-2 years into your business

As we can help save you years of doubting yourself or procrastinating about owning your space – and help you do it NOW! 🔥

You’ll love this if…

You’re new to PR

You’ve dabbled but not yet been supercharged by PR

You’re launching your business

You’re ready to be recognised as the expert you are

You enjoy high energy passionate guidance that can help you grow your business

Here’s the overview of what we’ll cover (we’re not giving TOO much away yet!)

All we’ll say is it will be WELL worth your time putting these dates in your diary! 


WEDNESday  7TH JULY 2021 XAM/pm

Why connecting your business to your story helps you be PR ready – NO MATTER what stage of business you’re at. Start up, or soaring business, you  ARE PR-able.

We’ll be looking at how PR works so you can understand what you need to be aware of in terms of what the media are looking for.

how to communicate that you're PR ready


What do you need in place to prove to the press, and yourself that you are PR ready? How can you communicate with confidence to the media? All will be revealed! 

KNOWing what pr opportunities look like

MONDAY 12TH JULY 2021, xpm

Do you know what a PR opportunity looks like? Would you know how to respond? You will after this week. Join us as we share some behind the scenes content to help you get more familiar with what’s involved in DIY PR. This is GOLD as a startup especially as it can fast track your growth massively!



TUESDAY 13th FEBRUARY 2021, 8pm

Today we celebrate you, we cheerlead you and we champion you! We also shower you with special offers to help you keep your momentum going!


Leave us your questions after you’ve reflected on the activity this week and we’ll help you prepare to take your next steps