Are you ready to Come Back Stronger?

Bye Bye Lockdown, Hello Level Up!

It’s time to get back amongst it as IRL opens up again! We are SUPER excited as this means we get the opportunity to shower you with our high vibes, excite you with our energy and boost your confidence about being PR ready with our fabulous insider info.

How would you feel reaching millions with your message through media coverage you never imagined was possible for you?

Being in the media has helped our clients build multiple 6 figure businesses

Being in the media has opened doors to lucrative partnerships

Being in the media has helped clients win awards

Being in the media (and the process of getting press-ready) has given our clients renewed confidence in the impact their business can make

As you exit lockdown and build momentum again it’s time to level up. It’s time to be seen, and to stand strong in your messaging, to attract your dream clients and business opportunities which will help you deliver on your bigger mission – because when you’re delivering on your true purpose that’s when business is fun and the results you really want just flow in!

Have you felt lately that you could be doing more?

Have you felt that you are not 100% delivering on your big mission, or that your message has become diluted from your true passion and purpose, or are you struggling with clearly communicating it?

Perhaps you have too much to say and are confused about where to focus, or perhaps you don’t feel you have enough to offer?

Have you seen others in your space gaining media coverage and feel you have something to offer to the conversations they are in? – You KNOW you have value to give but just don’t know how to do it?

Wherever you sit, we’ve got you!

We’re here to help you come back stronger. We’re here to help you get clarity and confidence which will drive your business forward. We’re here to help you become a press magnet…..just like we’ve done for hundreds of other female service led entrepreneurs – and indeed ourselves too!

AND we want to do it IN REAL LIFE!

Our zoom world has served us well but boy have we missed real life action, looking into the eyes of our clients and seeing their passion and purpose, feeling that energy and excitement around their business and delivering light bulb moments that literally transform businesses!

We’re bringing you 2 days of invaluable support:- Including:


mastermind style

get sh*t done’ action taking sessions

pitch perfecting practice

live pitch to our guest journalist

All this and MUCH more in a true party atmosphere because we work much better when fun’s thrown in too!

Come and join us for what promises to be a party like no other! You’ll be READY to get in the frame by the time we’ve finished with you!

Our clients’ have gone from being too scared to look at the camera in branding shoots to being featured in Forbes and selling out programmes with ease and flow.

Our clients’ have gone from thinking they had their brand on point to completely rebranding after they realised how they were presenting themselves was WAY off the real them.

Our clients’ have gone from being a ‘nobody’ in the media to regularly being contacted by national journalists to be quoted as experts.


You’d like to make the rest of 2021 yours

You’d love some time and space to create clarity around your messaging so you can OWN your space

You are ready to be seen (even if still a little scared)

You KNOW your message needs to be heard

You KNOW you are not making a dent in the impact you could be making

You could do with a sounding board for clarifying your message

You’d value expert advice on how to stand out from the crowd and be press friendly

You’d love to spend time with us having eyes on your positioning

You’d value knowing how to get in the press

You’d like to be ready to pitch to the media

You’re hungry for those fabulous ‘As Seen In’ trust tags

You’d like to give your Imposter Syndrome the heave-ho!

You’d value facilitated time to think!

These PR Power Days are for you if you’re serious about moving forward with sharing your story or becoming a leader in your field…

via the press…

and you enjoy group interaction and getting stuff done, fast!

Think of it like a mini PR Mastermind, your chance to get up close and personal with our eyes on your PR potential and us championing you every step of the way. Connect with other driven, action-taking entrepreneurs also on a mission – drink in all this energy and thrive on it to take action you’ve never taken before!

  • This is an extremely cost effective way of getting £thousands of consultancy at a steal
  • This is a quick fire no messing around way to get press ready
  • This is the answer if you want to be pitch ready after 2 days not 2 months

We are soooo excited about working with you as we just live for supporting other passion and purpose-filled entrepreneurs to get visible after we’ve had quite a journey ourselves with the ol’ Imposter Syndrome making us play small! No more, we are here to make our impact, by helping you to make yours, and we have a proven system that we know can help you.

So come and join us in Leeds on 23rd and/or 24th June to get stuck in.


Nailing your Media Message

The first day will see us get under the skin of your messaging – for media, but also for your wider audience.

We’ll look at:-

What drives you

  • What your values are
  • What your mission is
  • What your zones of genius are


  • If you are communicating all of the above strongly, with passion and conviction in your current comms, and what can be done to strengthen your message even more

We’ll also explore:-

  • What the media are looking for in a story or an expert, so you know how you need to show up
  • The rules of the game with PR – insider insights to give you a leg up
  • What makes a strong media bio and we’ll support you as you start to build yours.

Throw in some party food, chocolate (of course), and some fun and games and you’ve got yourself a day well worth leaving your office for!

*ADDED OPTIONAL EXTRA DAY 1 – Get a 15 min slot with our branding photographer to bag some fabulous PR shots in a beautiful venue


Being a Media Magnet

This day is much more directly about how to get yourself in the press. After a quick sense check, we’ll be jumping straight in to get down to the business of getting you media coverage. 

We’ll look at:-

How to make yourself media-friendly (in a nutshell as covered on day 1)

  • How to find media opportunities
  • How to pitch yourself confidently

We’ll also explore:-

  • What you pitch is going to be
  • What your headlines could be
  • Who your target media are


  • We’ll help you hone it all to make it pitch-perfect
  • We’ll give you the chance to pitch to a journalist to test your approach out

AND we’ll give you some of our media contacts for you to introduce yourself to, all whilst you have us sat next to you holding your hand

By the end of day 2, you will have pitched to the press and made massive inroads into your ongoing PR journey!

BOTH DAYS YOU ALSO GET ACCESS TO OUR PR POWER PACK FULL OF TEMPLATES TO HELP SECURE YOUR SUCCESS worth £375 + VAT (and you can access these on the day to get started with our support)


23rd AND 24th June

Single Payment
£994 + VAT


23rd AND 24th June

2 x Monthly Payments of £497 + VAT


23rd OR 24th June

Single Payment
£597 + VAT

Your Luxury Venue – The Chambers Leeds, 30 Park Place

Why not stay over and join us for drinks and dinner too!
We can get special room rates of £95 in these gorgeous apartments!

Become a Press Magnet in just 48 hours!

  • This is seriously kick ass.

  • This is seriously underpriced.

  • This is our post lockdown gift to you!!

  • Are you in?! xx

Get me in on this RIGHT NOW!


23rd AND 24th June

Single Payment
£994 + VAT


23rd AND 24th June

2 x Monthly Payments of £497 + VAT


23rd OR 24th June

Single Payment
£597 + VAT