Are You PR Ready?

3 Secrets To Get You Press-Ready!

Are you a woman in business driven by passion and purpose?

Are you someone who is here to make an impact?

Do you know you have more to give?

If yes then you’re our kinda person!


Have you considered using the power of PR to make that impact?

Could the media be the catalyst for spreading your message?

Could getting press coverage be the answer to reaching more people by becoming more visible?

Could those trust tags ‘As Seen In’ bring you more credibility in your crowded space?

Yes, it could….and you’ve seen others do it, but is it really for you?

Maybe not right now, you don’t feel ready?

You don’t really ‘get PR’ so are not sure where to start?

Maybe you don’t feel interesting enough?

Maybe you’re just too scared about getting it wrong?

These fears, objections, limitations, whatever you call them – are all blocking your growth. 

Good News!! You’re in the right place at the right time!

We’re the driving force behind many female entrepreneurs you’ll have seen in the press, showcasing them, championing them, celebrating them, and opening doors for them. 

This is your chance to get in on the action, as we reveal a few secrets of becoming PR ready. 

In this 3 part, free video series, Chocolate PR founder and Award-Winning PR Director Jo Swann is here to help remove some of your blocks by helping you see:

How your life is your story and how it’s all led you to being PR-able

How to show that you’re about more than what you sell - making your more PR-able

How to approach the media with confidence - ensuring you are 100% press ready - making you more PR-able

The videos cover:

Syncing Your Story

Mastering Your Mission Message

Marketing To The Media