017 Is the Press Release Dead?

by | Nov 22, 2021 | Podcast

We have been teaching female entrepreneurs how to write a press release in our Dare to Be Seen
PR Programme this week and every time we do this it really reminds me of the power of this PR
tool. Some small business owners believe that PR means Press Release – obviously it doesn’t – it
means Public Relations and is about so much more than just a press release but it is a very
recognised PR tool.
But it is an old tool. A traditional PR tool that has been used for years – and for some this means
it’s outdated, it’s not fit for today’s media landscape, it’s dead.
Join me as I share with you 5 reasons I believe the press release is not dead as we talk about
How it does a job for journalists
How it makes you press ready
How it puts you in control
How it’s not for everyone, but that’s fine
How it can open doors to online coverage
Mastering the art of writing a good press release is still a very worthwhile PR activity and I share a
few tips with you. By the end of this I hope you’ll agree that the press release is anything but dead!


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