One of our incredible clients, Nicola Huelin is truly unleashing the power of the podcast!

Nicola is an award-winning Business Coach, Mentor, Author and she is also the founder of women in business network Mpower.  Nicola is bringing together Mpower and Bounce Into Life to create an inspirational  podcast, something that truly inspires, uplifts and motivates us all, reminding us all that we CAN bounce back.

Her interviews include the gorgeous Natasha Hamilton who I have got to know over the last year and who I take my hat off to as I watch her journey as she crafts her own path.  She creates her own opportunities and takes control of her life and she shares how she has had to bounce back, sharing her fears around finding her feet as an entrepreneur.  “It was great catching up with the lovely Nicola Huelin a few weeks back to discuss how I found my feet again after having a massive life upheaval.  We don’t all have the perfect journey in life and we often lose our way.  This is my story of how I learnt to put one foot in front of the other again”

I would love it if you gave the podcast a listen