PR Party Week!
You’re IN!

Yay!! You’re in!

We’re so excited about you coming to hang out with us for our PR PARTY!

Here’s why…

We’re sure you’ll learn a lot. We want to build your knowledge up around how PR works but most of all we want to build your confidence that it’s time to celebrate you!

It’s your time! Your people need you!!

If you’re not yet in our group – here’s the link – – get on in there ready to party 🙂 We start 28th Feb

See you there, I can’t wait to support and celebrate you! Xx

P.S Did you see the option to also secure some more personal support from us in our bonus ‘PR Power Session!!!’. For just £37 (yes you read that right!) you can get our eyes on your story, messaging, PR angles and together we dig out the gold! Make sure you’re on the right track! Bag your space here now!

P.P.S If you’d like to get in the right headspace before the party kicks off why not pop on over to podcast world to check out PR Powerhouse – there’s lots of fab info on there for PR beginners – get in the zone and your creative juices will be flowing ready for our epic week of activity! Find it here –