Your fast-track pass to publicity, positioning and PR success – An exclusive 8 week programme to get you in the press in Q1

Welcome! Is one of your goals for 2019 to get in the press? Would you like to have achieved this by the time Q1 is done? If so it’s time to jump into our PR Accelerator and we’d be delighted to have you with us !

We are so excited to release this that we might actually burst and are delighted that you’re coming along for the ride! This is a Fast Track supported programme to provide maximum impact.  A little impatient ourselves, we love to power through learning new skills -but also appreciate the benefit of being supported by experts – so we’re giving you the best of both worlds.

Having worked with so many female entrepreneurs this year who have seen the power of PR really help their businesses sky rocket we wanted to make such opportunities available to more in 2019 🙂

Usually working 121 with clients we are delighted to be able to bring our expertise to the table, in a group training environment so that business owners of all sizes have chance to leverage the power of PR and tap into our award winning team’s expertise


What will you walk away with after 8 weeks?

> A clear understanding of what PR is and how you can use it to grow your business

> Knowledge of how to generate free press coverage for your business

> Your story nailed, having explored and honed your media friendly angles

> Your target media list prepared with bespoke contacts for your business to target across the year

> A completed media bio, honed by your very own ‘PR buddy’ from the Chocolate PR team

> A completed press release or guest blog post, honed by your very own ‘PR buddy’ from the Chocolate PR team

A feeling that ‘I can do this!’ AND that you DESERVE this! x


PLUS – >>> The BONUS opportunity to pitch to some of our media contacts, for live media opportunities

Sounds awesome right?!

It’s for you if you:-

  • You want to be in the media in Q1 of 2019
  • You’re heading into 2019 with real intention
  • You like to see results from your investments
  • You’re ready and excited to raise your profile, grow your audience and presence in your industry
  • You know you need to reach more people
  • You’re ready to scale up to your next income level, to command more for your expertise and be more widely recognised
  • You’d like to see the media trust tags that your peers/mentors have on their profiles on yours!
  • You’d value spreading your message via the media, up-levelling to make more impact with those who really need you
  • You are on a mission to make an impact with your skills/knowledge sharing
  • You want to work up to becoming an influencer
  • You are new to PR and want to learn skills, guided by an award-winning expert team, that will enable you to generate free press coverage again and again
  • You can commit to weekly activity to up-skill and drink in the rich knowledge that will be shared
  • You’d like to be held accountable to ensure you maximise this opportunity
  • You want to see that PR CAN be for you, not just the 6 or 7 figure entrepreneurs
  • You are ready to take action and bag this crazy launch deal for a bargain price!

Is it time you were in media such as ….


Caroline has seen first hand the value of raising her profile and the benefits it has brought to her business.

“Being in national press has not only brought me new clients thanks to reaching out to wider audiences than my own network, but it has provided me with credibility to position myself as an expert from day 1 -and it’s led to me winning national awards just months after launching! I’m a BIG fan!! “


What’s involved?

We want to be very clear at the outset on what we’re bringing to the party as part of our commitment to you, so here’s an outline of what we cover during our time together.

Intro:- A welcome video from the team on hand to support you & live introductions so we all get to know each other

Week 1: We start at the very beginning and and kick off by asking the question: What is PR? …and by this we mean what really is PR? Not the corporate bull version of it, but the genuine engaging version of it that helps you, as a female entrepreneur, build relationships with your audience, that helps you instil trust in your business/brand and helps you build credibility in your industry.

We cover how journey work, and look at how can you play the PR game and get free press coverage?

Format: Course training content and videos + 1 hour LIVE Q&A session

Week 2: We move on this week to helping you build up your media friendly story, asking the right questions, using our journalistic background  to dig out your PR angles, to help you find your story and nail your PR hooks.

Format: Course training content and videos + 1 hour LIVE Q&A session

Week 3: Now it’s time to start getting your story down on paper, in a media friendly format

that’s worked for our clients time and time again. We teach you how to write a strong

Media Bio, using proven templates and showcasing best practice examples as your guide.

Format: Course training content and videos + 1 hour LIVE Q&A session dissecting and strengthening your story, with us and your peers input to really challenge and qualify your content before you get it anywhere near a journo

*At this point you can also choose to tap into an additional service of 121 support from a Chocolate PR buddy with a PR mentor zoom call for further support in perfecting your bio

Week 4: This week we look at building on your bio and finding a timely PR news hook, and our focus is on teaching you best practice tips on writing a press release or guest blog piece to position your story in a format expected by the media. We also look at how to pitch this story to the press to make sure you hit the mark.

Format: Course training content and videos + 1 hour LIVE Q&A session with dissecting and strengthening your story, with our and your peers input to really challenge and qualify your content before you get it anywhere near a journo

*At this point you can also choose to tap into an additional service of 121 support from a Chocolate PR buddy with a PR mentor zoom call for further support in perfecting your bio

Week 5: At this point we will have covered a lot and we feel you’d benefit from a bit of breathing space when we get here! – and a bit of time to reflect on what you’ve learnt and revisit the PR documents you have drafted. So, this is your time to review and hone your PR content so far, and to build up your guest blog content, ready for media submission.

Format: Course training content only

Week 6: Now it’s time to help you find the perfect media contacts so that you can perfectly target your PR content to press contacts who will be suited to receive it – this makes the whole experience more enjoyable, less stressful and more rewarding! Having a strong understanding of your media also dramatically improves your chances of building good relationships with journalists, rather than running the risk of pissing them off at the first interaction!

Format: Course training content and videos + 1 hour LIVE Q&A session

Week 7: So, you’ve come this far! You’ve nailed your PR angles and hooks, got your media list ready and understand what your target journalists are looking for. This week our focus is all around how to pitch to media so it’s time for us to get interactive and to challenge you again.  We’ll practice your media elevator pitch and you nailing a quick intro that they’ll be happy to listen to.

Format: Live training with interactive Q&A during the session

Week 8 : Time to hand in your homework! We promised to make you accountable and accountable you shall be, so this week it’s time to hand over the PR content you have created, to our expert team, who will mark it and send it back!  Offering edit suggestions on your final submissions this is one last chance to get an expert pair of eyes on your content before you issue it to any journos and we will allocate you with a PR buddy who will support you at this stage.  A HUGELY valuable part of the programme this means you get another sense check that you have digested all the information and actioned our teachings for maximum impact. If you’ve gone off track this is our chance to bring you back, or if you prove to be a PR star watch out for an extra treat coming your way to help you celebrate!

Format: Email submission of content to our team of PR buddies and CPR will provide edits also via email

Feedback – At this point we will also ask for your feedback on the course, so we can get under the skin of how you’ve valued this experience.

Bonus Follow Up Zoom call  Once the programme is over and you are ready to get on your merry way, armed with your press friendly content and a confidence that you know how to approach the media it’s time to close the loop and get that content out there, so you achieve your goal of being in the press within Q1. Your business is relying on you to do this, your potential audience who’ve never heard of you need you to to this – but what if you’re stuck or hit barriers? As an extra special bonus at this point we are also going to offer you a FREE 45 minute Zoom 121 call with a  Chocolate PR PR Buddy, where you can get help on specific challenges you have faced once you’ve commenced your campaign. This call can must be used within 30 days of programme completion.

ADDED BONUS: As a further insight into media opportunities  and the sorts of content journals are looking for, we will also be sharing with you live press enquiries that we receive – something usually only reserved for our 121 clients. This means you have the chance to bag a media inclusion whilst your’e still doing the full course.


What’s the investment?

So it sounds incredible and worth thousands….What’s the cost?

We are launching the Accelerator to commence in Jan 2019, at a SPECIAL OFFER PRICE OF £997 + VAT for early bird spaces secured in December.

From January launch price will be  £1497 + VAT.

*Please ask if you would like the option of a payment plan – happy to accommodate 🙂

We are purposely going to keep this group small so don’t waste time if you want in! You can apply here today 🙂



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