Get in the Press - LIVE!

The Kick Ass PR Membership


We are beyond excited to invite you to a very special place…

– a place dedicated to getting you published, through opening media doors for you, fast-tracking you from a PR novice to PR Pro.

With training, resources, and templates you will have access to all the PR Foundations you need

– but why you’ll fly is because you have us driving you and you’ll have media opportunities at your fingertips.

Alongside the PR foundations training, you have 2 further levels of INCREDIBLE support

  1. Access to live media opportunities weekly
  2. The Chocolate PR team on hand as your PR Mentors

An action led membership,

Get in the Press Live!

is not about consuming as much content as you can, it’s not about busying yourself learning EVERYTHING there is to know about PR. It’s about you taking consistent action, guided by us to move you closer each week to your goal of being published.

Created for you if you are…

 A mission-based entrepreneur driven by passion and purpose who needs more visibility

It’s for you if…

 You understand the value of PR but are not sure how it really works

 Have seen the power of PR and would like a piece of the action – but are not ready to invest in 121 support

 You are in a competitive market and need to stand out

It’s perfect for you if:

 You are in your first few years of business

 You are new to PR and want to learn the ropes from experts

 You have a story but don’t know how to share it

 You have stacks of knowledge but don’t know how to turn this into PR

But it’s also a super valuable place to be if you’re further down the line and would just like to tap into it to gain access to media opportunities and be supported in achieving continued press exposure.

Tell Me More!


 Get in the Press – Live! is about taking action and getting published. It’s where we open doors to your media coverage.


 We have created it as the place where entrepreneurs with a thirst for visibility can cut their teeth, can approach PR with a secure safety net, and fastrack their PR success by removing the ‘stumbling around’ process of trying to do it alone.


 Often PR can be frustrating if you don’t get the immediate wins you want. It can be a slow time-consuming process if you don’t have the media contacts to open the right doors. You might try, and fail, and it makes you feel crappy, or you might never try, due to fear of failure that paralyses your action.


 As a member of Get in the Press – Live! we’ve got your back, we’re in it together, you are supported, and more than this –  you are set up for success.


 The focus is on taking you from not having featured in the press to achieving your first piece of coverage, then supporting you to achieve consistent coverage, time, and time again.

Get in the Press – Live! Is the place to be:

 That saves you from making the mistakes that can be fatal to your PR success by providing support and guidance in the early part of your PR journey

 To ensure your message is being heard – not missed, lost or overlooked

 To strengthen your message so it has even more impact

 To feel empowered by a like-minded community of entrepreneurs hungry for success

Whilst the membership is not exclusively for women it is a place that actively supports getting more women’s voices in the press.

….oh and it’s a fun place to hang out, with true community at its core, as we champion and cheerlead each other, celebrating creativity and collaboration along the way!

Why is press coverage important to my business

Getting in the press is a HUGELY powerful way of supercharging your business.

It should not be reserved for those with big budgets, for the 6 and 7 figure coaches and for those who’ve been in business for years.

Getting in the press is MOST powerful in the early days of your business – to help leverage you, and position you as an expert in your field, from day 1, so you can fast track your growth and hold a space in your industry.

It provides your ideal clients with the confidence to choose you – sooner – and it provides YOU with the confidence to shine, having had your credibility recognised through the media.

Our founding members LOVE it in here!

Come and join them!

Jodie Salt

Emma Roscoe

I honestly wouldn’t have done this without this membership (a, because I didn’t know how and b, because from the outside looking in it looks unreachable). I’ve learned and gained so much (literally opened me up into a new world and new way to work my business).

Highly recommend this membership!!

I would also like to add that I’m on the other side of the world (Australia) and the content is still very relevant to ME despite the location, insert INTERNATIONAL press!!!

Last night I ended up with a meeting with a podcast creator in NYC to discuss a possible future podcast episode. And guess what? I’m booked for recording next Monday!! Again, it’s because of this membership I was able to get this opportunity!

Gena Abbott

is a Holistic Coach who has just celebrated being featured in Natural Health Magazine, just 2 months after joining.

The Get in the Press Live membership has been really helpful for me, I’m naturally quite introverted and struggle with putting myself out there so I needed some help and advice on the best way to get my name out there and become known as an expert. The group is a wonderful community of brilliant, supportive, and encouraging entrepreneurs.
Get in the Press Live is just what I needed to start building my profile and gaining trust tags for my business – I’ve already had 4 pieces of coverage and had recognition from my industry hero – because I had some press to share that I was proud to put in front of her! I can’t thank Chocolate PR enough for this fantastic opportunity. I’d never have done this much on my own!
Kerri Hendry

is a mobile nail technician who has had received thanks from her all time industry hero for an article she shared around the government's approach to their industry. Kerri's PR got her on her radar!

What we will cover…

Training will include:-

Providing you with an understanding of how PR works

Supporting you to build a clear story that connects your business to your purpose and your backstory

Helping you to identify PR opportunities

Helping you get press-ready

Teaching you how to target your media

Supporting you in overcoming objections

The Juicy Stuff:-

Alongside the PR foundations training, you have 2 further levels of INCREDIBLE support 

  1. Access to live media opportunities weekly

We will provide you with a selection of live media opportunities each week giving you the chance to gain press coverage if you fit the brief. For these opportunities media, contact details will be provided so you can respond directly to the journalist

  1. Access to the Chocolate PR team weekly as your PR Mentors

To support you in your mission to get press coverage we will be on hand weekly for a live Q&A so you can tap into our advice on how to pitch your story, how to hone your angle, how to have the best chance of success.


Who is this run by?


 Jo Swann

Founder of Chocolate PR, Jo is an award-winning PR Director, on a mission to empower more female entrepreneurs to unlock the power of telling their story and share their expertise. She has experience of working with the likes of Whistles & Yo! Sushi but her passion now is in supporting female entrepreneurs. With a journalism background, she understands how PR works from both sides of the newsdesk – and this is invaluable.


  Jo Maloney

Jo Maloney is a Communications Expert and part of the management team at Chocolate PR. She is also a Business and Life Coach and has supported female entrepreneurs across varied sectors on confidence, attitudes of gratitude, and self-worth. Supportive yet assertive her approach ensures women feel empowered to achieve their goals, whilst still being true to themselves and their values.

What if I’m totally new to business? Can I still join?

Come join! This is the perfect place to build your PR foundations as you build your business – and one of the best things you can do as a start-up is nail your story and your messaging as it supports your marketing throughout.

How is the training delivered?

The training is delivered through a mixture of recorded videos, templates and guides, and live teaches. This is supported by live Q&As and hot seat opportunities. Initially, everything will be run via Facebook, but we are building a membership area where we will eventually house the training content.

How do the media enquiries work?

We will regularly post media opportunities within the Facebook community each week – these will specify what the journalist is looking for, the deadline, and publication details. Sometimes these are looking for people to quote, sometimes to provide tips, sometimes to share their story. Often the turnaround is really fast so be sure to set time aside to respond to any of interest.

How soon could I expect to be in the press?

This is impossible to answer as it depends on the number of enquiries coming through that fit your specialism/story, and on how well you are responding to the enquiries. We are here to support you so if you are not having the success that’s where our Q&As and training come in – to help you get there! 

Will I get media contacts provided?

For the media enquires we post into the group contact details will be provided so you can respond directly – often this is via twitter but sometimes emails are provided too.

Do you reply to the media on my behalf?

No – this is a low-level investment which means it is not a managed service. If you would like support responding to the requests please let us know and we can discuss a package for that.

What if I decide this isn’t for me?

We don’t think you will but if you do, of course, you can leave at any time!

If I join as a founding member does my rate stay the same forever?

YES – this is the beauty of being in from the start, so don’t miss this fab offer as it will go up very soon!