The place to be to nail your No.1 Status in 2021!

So… I’ve been chatting to LOTS of ambitious business women recently about their 2021 plans – and it seems I’m surrounded by many fabulous female entrepreneurs with the same mission as me – to 100% claim their No.1 Status in 2021.

We’ve decided to create a unique Apprentice style Mastermind to support female entrepreneurs ready to turn up the dial on nailing their authority as THE expert in their field in 2021.


Is it time you were famous for what you do?

  • Do more people need to know about you?
  • Are you a passion and purpose-led female entrepreneur who needs to reach more people to make more impact?
  • Are you on a mission but feel like you’re still playing too small?
  • You’re known in your online circles but could you do with increasing your influence in the ‘outside world to really hit some big goals this year?’
  • Do you want to be featured in national media as the go to expert?
  • Do you want to spread your message globally?
  • Are you ready to take ACTION?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions you’re going to be excited by this! I want to take you on a journey with me – a really frickin’ exciting journey!

As I drive my business forward this year I want to take you with me. To share what I’ve learnt and to showcase and champion you. With over 15 years experience and having won awards for big brands, helping them nail their No.1 position in the market I now focus on helping female entrepreneurs harness the power of PR and I’m trusted by the likes of globally renowned BossBabe, and super successful 7 figure business owners like Niyc Pidgeon and Lisa Johnson to deliver PR expertise to their clients. With Chocolate PR already recognised as the go to agency for female entrepreneurs I’m ready to walk the walk of being THE PR Coach who champions and shines a light on women in business. As part of this mission my plans already include launching a bestselling book and a chart topping podcast, spreading my message on global stages and collaborating with big brand partners to further increase my influence and impact.

Do you want any of these things too? Will this be the year you stop fucking about and claim your space as an expert?  The year you walk the walk of your mission?

  • You might have had PR success before, you might already be recognised in the online space as the expert in your field – but what about in the wider world? 
  • Are you having impact at the level you REALLY want to?
  • Are you consistent with your profile raising &  unequivocally the No.1 in your field as quoted by 3rd party influencers?

Or could you be doing more….?

I’m looking for just 5 people who are ready to REALLY nail their spot as No.1 and who are ready for an EPIC adventure to come with my on my own journey of world domination this year! It’s a small, intimate group so we can really get into it and keep in our own lanes.

We will work to position you as the No.1 in your field, working with laser focus on the actions that need to be taken to achieve this over the next 6 months.



What’s Involved -In a nutshell?

This Mastermind is called ‘More than Just Media’ because it takes more than a bit of press coverage to really position you in that No.1 slot – so what we’re here to do is build your authority from a wider PR perspectiive.

With action taking focus at the core, we’ll hone in on:-

  • Working towards your ‘Authority Goal’ so we get you recognised for the thing you want to be known for
  • Consistently gaining credibility via visibility  (including getting national press coverage, guesting on podcasts, speaking on global stages )
  • Raising the stakes in being recognized in your field (to include winning awards, being recognized by leading industry bodies or government agencies)
  • Creating PR-able ‘happenings’ which see you walking the walk to solidify your place as someone making waves

Throughout the programme we’ll be measuring your impact – so we know where you are on that dial – and there are prizes to be won when you smash it!

AND because we might need a bit of fire up our backsides every now and again we’ll have the added bonus of getting our asses kicked into gear by the fabulous bundle of energy that is The Queen Bee, Dani Wallace, who is my Get Shit Done accountability partner this year.

How frickin awesome is ALL THAT?

Each month there will be Apprentice style challenges which you must go forth and conquer (guided by a mixture of trainings, co-working accountability ‘Get Shit Done’ sessions & hot seats.)


The Nitty Gritty:- What will we cover in More Than Media -Make Me Famous Mastermind ?

This is a bit of a hybrid between a Mastermind and a programme – as there is clear structure and a path we will follow, but with the added bonus of high level Mastermind style support.

JANUARY: 121s + IN PERSON KICK OFF EVENT: Intention and goal setting and personal pledge around your ‘Make Me Famous’ focus;  Brand and Messaging Audit; Authority Audit and setting up the Apprentice style challenges and leaderboard. Time to get excited about what you can achieve!

FEBRUARY: The Media: How to be the Mother of Re-invention so you hammer home the same message, but in different guises for CONSISTENT press coverage. We go way past just telling your story and look at what’s next for you so you become a media star, not just yesterday’s chip paper! With 121s with a national journo you get direct access to FABULOUS media opportunities and a bespoke media contacts list

MARCH: Wider World Recognition: Who do you need to be in bed with to open new doors to bigger opportunities? Who’s endorsement would solidify your place as an expert. What partnerships need to happen this year? How can you nail these? This is about taking your impact offline into the wider world

APRIL: IN PERSON TRAINING AND PITCH PRACTICE EVENT: Sharing your Voice: How to build your audience with podcasts; How to get booked for speaking gigs; How to own the message you want to be famous for with fabulous guest teaches followed by your practice pitches

MAY: 121s + Creating a PR Happening: Planning a kick ass event (of any kind) to get you noticed that will become a PR opportunity on so many levels! This will really get people talking!

JUNE: Kick ass checkins, brand audit and any extra teaching required before IN PERSON CELEBRATION EVENT of having nailed your No.1 Status – and the planning of your onward journey!



Fee: £5K + VAT OR £833.33 per month + VAT.

Discounts available to all existing/previous Choc PR clients and membership members



I was inspired to create this and know it will help soooo many who feel this year is ‘their year’. If you are ready for more in 2021 this could be just what you need to kick some serious ass!



This is for you if:

  • You are on a mission, you know your message, and you just need to amplify it
  • You fully believe in yourself as an expert in your field and are ready to get your ‘stamp’ of authority
  • You said in 2020, “This year is going to be my year, this year I am ready to grow”…but you were stopped in your tracks
  • You are ready to take consistent action each month to reach high level goals

This is NOT for you if:

  • You are new in business and are not clear on your message and mission
  • You are not committed to becoming the No.1 expert in your space
  • You have no understanding of your story and how it connects to your business



It’s time to:-

  • Secure your place as a leader in your field
  • Get more people excited about what you do
  • Feature in publications such as these….







Some of my favourite bits we’ve thrown in…

  • 121 pitch clinic with a national journalist helping you target specific national press with your story
  • FREE access to our PR Power Pack with media bio training, press release and pitch templates & guides
  • Monthly challenges and leaderboard for some healthy competition on reaching your big goals
  • A book blueprint training session to get that idea out of your head into chapter titles

The best bit for you though is this being a beta, and you know the deal with beta… beta = bargain!!!

This first cohort is running at £5K + VAT (and next year will be minimum £8K+ VAT). Application only. Must have applied by 31st December. Payment plans are available.

This is YOUR TIME. Now. Not next year. Someone else will have claimed your spot by then. It’s time for action….



This programme will be run via an application process – Please email to request the application form



What clients say about Chocolate PR’s Impact:

“Chocolate PR helped me launch my business through PR – and I was a quoted media expert before my business was even live. Now recognised as a global leader in my field their dedication to showcasing me as a true leader in my field, from day 1 has been invaluable, having accelerated my business growth beyond my wildest expectations” Caroline Strawson

“Working with Chocolate PR not only got me press ready, but it also got me up-level ready. I started to believe in myself and my expertise, I started to own my space and get more visible with my message and I committed to making more impact. My time with them not only changed my business but it changed me, and I am forever grateful” Tabassum Sabir

“From working with Chocolate PR I got featured in Forbes and sold out new programmes having been solidified as a true expert in my field. Having honed in on my niche, building authority and getting more visible my business has grown exponentially and I am able to make more impact supporting a wider audience” Marie Teevan

Dani Wallace - The Queen Bee

“Chocolate PR are an intrinsic part of my team. I am here for world domination spreading my message and mission of helping people to show up wise up and rise up through the I am The Queen Bee Movement. The team at Chocolate PR consistency provide me with opportunities to spread my message further and to make an impact more powerfully – they are a huge part of my success story” Dani Wallace