You know we talk to you about values-driven PR…about telling your story and about illustrating your vision? Well this campaign is it! Lyndsey has hit PR perfection by launching her ‘Have a Heart campaign’ aiming to raise awareness for how we interact with others and how we can consciously be kinder to others.

-She’s told her story to get people to know, like and trust her.

-She’s actively championing a cause that means something to her- showing she’s not all talk.

-She’s giving to charity – to show she’s not commercially driven

-She’s encouraging action, highlighting she’s on a mission to drive change

-She’s being honest, open and true- providing real authenticity that the media are happy to support.

I am so excited to be supporting the ‘Have a Heart’ campaign as part of World Wellbeing Week. The campaign calls for all women across the UK to be more open with their emotions, to commit to being kinder to each other and to think about how we treat each other.

With it Lyndsey asks : “Do we stop and consider how others are feeling, or are we stuck in our own bubble most of the time? Do we realise that in not returning a smile at the school gates we are causing someone serious anxiety? Or that not saying ‘Hi’ we could seriously sabotage someone’s self-worth?”

We know we are all guilty of these little things when rushing around in our lives, but ‘Have a Heart’ is all about trying to slow down and make a conscious effort, particularly this week, to show we all have a heart by being kinder to each other.

To show my support, and with kindness being an important aspect to me in my world of PR, I have written a blog post demonstrating the self-love and self-sabotage faced daily by women in business. I want to help show that being kinder to ourselves, celebrating our wins and cheerleading each other can help us grow our businesses with pride; we can revel in our successes and celebrate how far we have come!

Have a read here –

Lyndsey, founder of ‘Girl About’ – a platform dedicated to lifting women up, supporting them and encouraging them to connect with their communities around them, is hoping to impact a wave of empathy and kindness across women in the UK.

You can join in and show your support for the campaign by wearing a yellow heart… with the best part being that they arrive in pairs so you can also gift one to a friend. All proceeds go direct to the charity MIND. Lyndsey invites us to wear our yellow heart on our sleeves, to show we’re not ashamed of showing our emotions and that we are all in this together.

Lyndsey is sharing her story to try and drive a wave of kindness and I’d really love if you could support us! Let’s make a commitment to be kind to ourselves and others and say yes to being us!

(Hearts are available at and all proceeds go to MIND)